Scoop: Food Network - September 2017 Highlights

Food Network celebrates fall this September with new series, new seasons and returning favorites. First, the final four celebrity chefs compete for the title of Superstar champion and the $40,000 grand prize for the charity of their choice on the Guy's Grocery Games: Superstars finale on Sunday, September 17th at 8pm. Then, Tyler Florence hosts as the final two food trucks battle it out for the win on the season finale of THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE on Sunday, September 24th at 9pm. Next, HALLOWEEN BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP returns with an all-new season on Monday, September 25th at 9pm with host comedian John Henson and judges Carla Hall, Lorraine Pascale and Zac Young giving eight top-notch bakers the chance to compete in Halloween-themed challenges for a chance to win the $25,000 grand prize. Also in primetime, catch premieres of Beat Bobby Flay, Chopped, CHOPPED After Hours, Cooks vs. Cons, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy's Family Road Trip, I Hart Food and Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition. In daytime, don't miss the series premiere of The Bobby and Damaris Show on Sunday, September 3rd at 12:30pm when Bobby Flay and Damaris Phillips serve up their favorite American classics, Southern delights and of course, cocktails! Also in daytime, don't miss new episodes of The Kitchen, THE PIONEER WOMAN and Trisha's Southern Kitchen and a new season of Valerie's Home Cooking. has the perfect recipes to transition you into fall. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat Discover.


Beat Bobby Flay
Premiering Thursday, September 7th at 10pm - "Feathered and Fried"
It's the king of fried food versus the king of brunch, as chef Thomas Boemer sizes up against chef Darnell Ferguson to take Bobby Flay's crown. With Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition's Anne Burrell and resident CHOPPED judge Marc Murphy, these chefs have all the support they need to take the throne.
Premiering Thursday, September 14th at 10pm - "Pulling Out All the Stops"
Actor Steve Schirripa and the toughest judge on Food Network, Simon Majumdar, have their sights set on beating Bobby Flay. Boston chef Dave Bazirgan sharpens his knives to take on "Mr. Downtown" Stephen Jones, for the ultimate chance to cook against Bobby.
Premiering Thursday, September 21st at 10pm - "Number One Baby"
Chopped's Scott Conant and Cooking Channel's Laura Vitale are bringing their Italian flare to crush Bobby Flay's record. It's between San Diego chef Nicolas Bour and Charleston, S.C.'s RJ Moody to make sure they are number one in the kitchen.
Premiering Saturday, September 28th at 10pm - "Drop the Knife"
Standing up to Bobby Flay is no easy feat, unless you're stand-up comedian Colin Quinn and the ever-so-dashing Katie Lee! They've brought two New York chefs who definitely can withstand the heat, Alex Guarnaschelli's protégé Diane Vista-Wayne and Daniel Boulud's protégé Lauren Brown.

Online, find out what it takes to Beat Bobby Flay, where Food Network's own chefs reveal the skills and tactics needed to defeat Bobby. You can also check out behind-the-scenes photos and videos, relive highlights, tour the set and much more. Join the conversation with #BeatBobbyFlay.

Premiering Tuesday, September 5th at 10pm - "Food Truck Luck"
Which food truck chef will fortune shine upon in this competition of determined mobile meal vendors? There's a traffic jam at the fryer as the chefs attempt to make outstanding appetizers with two proteins. In the entrée basket, the chefs find a New England sandwich and a Mexican pepper. The final two food truck chefs left in the fight receive dessert nachos in the last basket.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Scott Conant, Amanda Freitag, Marcus Samuelsson
Premiering Tuesday, September 12th at 10pm - "Waffles for the Win"
The judges have a pressing matter to discuss with four lucky chefs: waffles! The competitors prove waffles are no longer just for breakfast by making them the star of every plate and every round. First, the chefs bring some heat to their waffle appetizers by seasoning them with chiles de arbol. A thick Belgian waffle dough hits the irons in round two, then waffles take the form of cookies in the dessert round.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Amanda Freitag, Joseph "JJ" Johnson
Premiering Tuesday, September 19th at 10pm - "Comfort Zone"
In this special competition, the BASKETS are filled with enticing, soul-soothing comfort foods! The chefs are asked to carry the comfort food theme onto their completed plates, starting in round one when they must utilize something starchy and something greasy. A homey protein and some beautiful tomatoes are in the mix in the entrée round, then a nostalgic cookie meets a dairy delight in the dessert basket.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy, Geoffrey Zakarian
Premiering Tuesday September 26th at 10pm - "The Beets Go On"
In the appetizer round, the chefs bake premade dough and try to figure out the best plan for including a Persian hot dog stew in their dishes. The entree plates must include a prized seafood and a floral component, then the competitors discover beets and a classic French dessert in the final basket.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Amanda Freitag, Marcus Samuelsson

Online, check out photo and video highlights and compete like a CHOPPED champion for a chance to win prizes. Get culinary inspiration from the CHOPPED experts and learn the tricks contestants have successfully deployed to transform exotic ingredients, international spices and even wintry leftovers into winning dishes. Join the action with #Chopped.

Chopped After Hours - Premiering Tuesdays at 11pm
There's friendly competition, rowdy fun and amazing food to be found after hours in the CHOPPED kitchen, when the judges create delectable dishes using the same mandatory basket ingredients that have stumped CHOPPED competitors. With only 30 minutes to put their culinary skills and creativity to the test, you never know what's going to happen After Hours.

Online, get more information on the judges, take quizzes and watch full episodes of CHOPPED After Hours. Join the conversation with #AfterHours.

Cooks vs. Cons
Premiering Wednesday, September 6th at 10pm - "Spice and Ice"
In round one, the cooks and cons have to put the ice in spice when they are tasked with incorporating flavored ice pops into curry. Then, in round two, the remaining contestants hit the gas using beans in their dishes as host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Amanda Freitag and Alex Guarnaschelli suss out the pros and amateurs.
Premiering Wednesday, September 13th at 10pm - "Nacho Average Cook"
The pros and amateurs freshen things up when host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Katie Lee and Aarti Sequeira task them with incorporating peppermint into a breakfast hash. Then, in round two, the remaining contestants must melt the judges' hearts with their best dish using nachos.
Premiering Wednesday, September 20th at 10pm - "Endless Pastabilities"
The cooks and cons have host Geoffrey Zakarian and judges Jose Garces and Justin Warner raving about their chip-infused ravioli dishes in round one. In the second round, the contestants must make peace with the surprise ingredient and incorporate chickpeas into their dishes.
Premiering Wednesday, September 27th at 10pm - "Pizza Party"
In round one, the cooks and cons must prove that they're the cream of the crop to judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Alison Roman when they incorporate ranch into their pizza dishes. Then in round two, host Geoffrey Zakarian has the remaining contestants get ripe into it as they cook their best avocado-infused dish.

Online, after incognito home cooks battle undercover culinary pros, fans can catch highlights and quizzes to find out if they could pose as a pro chef. Join the conversation with #CooksVsCons.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
Premiering Friday, September 15th at 9pm - "Ocean Coasts and Great Lakes"
This trip, Guy Fieri is going from coast to coast and to the Great Lakes to dig up some dynamite dishes. In Los Angeles, California, there is a Mexican joint in Grand Central Market serving outrageous octopus tostadas and their lights-out spin on a burger. Then, in Norfolk, Virginia, Guy visits a bistro turning out grown-up, gourmet grilled cheese. Plus, don't miss a righteous stop in Lansing, Michigan, doing it up right.
Premiering Friday, September 22nd at 9pm - "From Texas to Michigan"
This trip, Guy Fieri is cruising from Texas to Michigan to dive into some gangster grub. In San Antonio, Texas, he stops at a real-deal Mexican bakery going old school with their sandwich sourdough and tequila croissants. Then, he is doubling up in Lansing, Michigan, with two off-the-hook joints puttin' out dynamite dishes.
Premiering Friday, September 29th at 9pm - "Amazing Asian"
This trip, Guy Fieri is going across the Pacific without ever leaving the states for a full hour of amazing Asian cuisine. From Korean to Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and killer Asian fusion, get ready to dig into a mouthwatering adventure.

Online, go behind-the-scenes with Guy, check out full recipes and scan the best DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES across the country. Hop along for THE RIDE on Twitter with #DDD.

The Great Food Truck Race
Premiering Sunday, September 3rd at 9pm - "Battle for the South: Sweet Home Alabama"
The remaining five trucks arrive in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to find Tyler Florence and pastry chef Jan Moon waiting for them with a challenge: to crack the most pecans in just 15 minutes. The teams must then use their pecans in a dessert dish to sell on their trucks, with the winner receiving valuable mentoring time with Jan and the team that makes the most profits winning $200. On the second day in Tuscaloosa, Tyler challenges the cooks to a happy hour: for one hour, the pecan dishes will be sold for $1 only, and the team with the overall lowest sales will be out of the competition.
Premiering Sunday, September 10th at 9pm - "Battle for the South: Hot Chicken in The City"
Tyler Florence has a surprise for the four remaining food truck teams: a taste of the Nashville's famous hot chicken, prepared by NASHVILLE native and owner of restaurant 400 Degrees, Aqui Hines. The teams sample and see if they can take the heat, then Tyler challenges them to make their own versions of hot dishes, but without chicken. Aqui tastes the dishes, awarding the winner $500 in their till. On the second day in Nashville, Tyler has the teams create their own self-promotion, much like the many artists in the city. Country singer Craig Wayne Boyd judges their promotions, rewarding the winning team with immunity.
Premiering Sunday, September 17th at 9pm - "Battle for the South: Fresh Off the Farm"
The remaining three food truck teams arrive at a peach farm in Athens, Georgia, where they meet Tyler Florence and Athens chef Mimi Maumus. In the first challenge, the teams make a savory dish using the provided ingredients and peaches. The winning team gets to shut down the other two trucks for one hour at any time during the sell. Then, Tyler throws them a curveball while shopping and asks them for a completely fresh menu. The team with the lowest sales is sent home.
Premiering Sunday, September 24th at 9pm - "Battle for the South: The Race Through Savannah" - SEASON FINALE!
The final two food truck teams arrive in Savannah, and Tyler Florence's first challenge brings the teams out of the food trucks and into a new mobile selling vehicle: pedicabs. Each team has a half hour to make as much food as possible to sell out of their own pedicabs, and the team with the most profits gets $500 added to their till. Next, the teams travel through the city, where they sell head-to-head in new locations. At each location, they receive a new shellfish to include in a dish, and the team that sells the most fish dishes gets $500. Finally, Tyler reveals the team with the highest total till, the winner of The Great Food Truck Race: Battle for the South!

Online, meet the competing teams and browse photo highlights of the challenges. Tell us who you think should take home the grand prize using #GreatFoodTruckRace.

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