LA Tech Start-up Launches Breakthrough Voting Platform: Bedloo

LA Tech Start-up Launches Breakthrough Voting Platform: BedlooBedloo, a Los Angeles-based tech and entertainment start-up, announced today the launch of Bedloo, a fun and free new way for people to create an online or mobile A-to-B voting comparison of not only images but also videos and audio files - marking a first-of-its-kind for voting platforms. To celebrate the official unveiling of Bedloo, the company will host an exclusive invite-only event tonight at The Alley located at 500 7th Avenue in New York from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. for select members of the media and other VIP guests.

"Bedloo is not just your normal voting platform. It is a voting app and website on steroids ready to take on and satisfy the insatiable 'entertain me' appetite of today's tech-savvy world," explained Daron Destiny, Bedloo's Chief Brand Officer. "People are always looking for new ways to better engage with their social media connections and Bedloo provides just that - a cool new way to interact with friends and family! Users can either create their own Bedloo voting poll to get instant feedback on something they love like clothes or songs or they can cast their vote on the Bedloo's of other users."

The way Bedloo works is simple. First, you select a category for your question, such as fashion, technology or sports. Next, you upload two different photos, videos or audio files. Then, you write a short description for your Bedloo (your question + image, video or audio), add tags for people, and/or select your social media networks and interest feeds. Finally, you share your Bedloo with your contacts and/or the entire Bedloo user base and wait for the results! As votes come in, Bedloo tracks results and provides a comprehensive breakdown for everyone to see, including demographics of voters and their opinions. Bedloo also lets you see comments from other users so that fun, engaging conversations about your Bedloo can take place.

Available now on the iOS platform and worldwide web, Bedloo lets users leverage their social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Bedloo's user database, to get real-time opinions and feedback from their friends, family and the world, on a diverse range of topics and products.

To help continue to spread the word on Bedloo's launch, the company is also planning to host VIP/media-only events at 31 Ten Lounge in Santa Monica on Friday, August 23 from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and in Denver on September 12. In addition, the company recently worked with John Martino, who starred as Paulie Gatto in "The Godfather," on a viral video, which can be accessed here:

It's quick and easy to join Bedloo. Go to and simply log-in through your Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or create a unique user profile. Bedloo is also available for free from the App Store on the iPhone and the iPod touch.

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About Bedloo

Bedloo is a Los Angeles-based tech and entertainment company founded in 2013 by Todd Jones, C. Vincent Plummer and Daron Destiny. All three founders come from a diverse background of music, film, television, technology, business and marketing. Now available on the iOS platform and worldwide web, Bedloo allows people to get instant feedback from those social media connections and key influencers who matter most to them to help them make decisions on the things they love like fashion, music, tech, sports and more! Bedloo is also used by major brands to help increase their fan engagement, including Hot 97 FM from New York City and Power 106 FM from Los Angeles. For more information, visit


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