EveryThink Unveils the Unified Personal Information Management App for the iPhone

EveryThink Unveils the Unified Personal Information Management App for the iPhone

Promising a productivity app that is actually useful, EveryThink today launched the EveryThink App, a powerful suite of personal information management tools for the iPhone. Based on proven knowledge-representation theory, the EveryThink App integrates calendar functions and tasks, and syncs multiple calendars from every platform or source. EveryThink's patent-pending Drag-hover-Drop (DhD) technology allows users to move items and information easily between calendars, tasks and time slots. This gives users a comprehensive, integrated, and easy-to-use personal information management app that functions the way people actually think.

"It's no secret that mobile productivity solutions are not as widely used as other types of apps," said Yair Grinberg, CEO, EveryThink. "There's a very good reason for that - today's productivity apps are tech-centric instead of human-centric. EveryThink's approach has taken the best from paper-based methods of personal time management and joined them with the technological superiority of today's mobile devices for a solution that surpasses either individual approach. "

Every year, businesses spend billions attempting to increase productivity, much specifically to help users organize information. However, digital devices organize information separately by type - fragmenting information into categories, without regard to use context.

EveryThink Innovations

The EveryThink approach required multiple innovations in technology to enable extreme ease of use. Its new Drag-hover-Drop (DhD) methodology allows users to easily and intuitively move items between any data source and the EveryThink planner, between planner items (events or tasks), and between calendars with the swipe of a finger.

The engine behind the EveryThink app is its triple-hub system, comprised of the functionality hub, data hub and the sync hub. The features of the hubs include:

  • Functionality Hub - Integrates appointments and tasks in all views and addresses the classic time management dilemma. Users can easily drag a task into the calendar, automatically creating a designated time slot to execute the task.
  • Data hub - Enables users to view any type of data (document, map, voice note, photograph, and more), locally or in the cloud, and incorporate it into any calendar item. All relevant data for events or meetings will be at users' fingertips, in the true context of its actual use.
  • Sync Hub - Integrates all standard calendars together (iOS, Outlook, Google, Yahoo, and others). Each calendar is mapped to its own color-coded tab, allowing users to easily see the big picture as well as focus on any single category. Users can create and maintain additional categories (home, work and others), using the same systematic methodology.

Most productivity apps take the approach of "less is more" to enable ease-of-use. EveryThink brings personal information management to mobile devices that is comprehensive, integrated, and easy-to-use, with the core philosophy that is "More is More."

The EveryThink App is priced at $9.99 and is available now for the iPhone via the AppStore. A video demo of the solution is also available at www.everythink.us.

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