What You'll Find at the Latest Theory Sample Sale

What You'll Find at the Latest Theory Sample Sale

Yesterday Clothingline launched Theory's fourth sample sale in the past three months. There seems to be no end to their classic tailored pieces for both men and women and their lux knits. By lunchtime yesterday, Racked reported there was no line and crowds had petered out.

If you are thinking of heading over today, you'll find a range of sizes but the clothing is a lot of irregulars and some items are damaged or one-of-a-kind. But, the prices are considerably lower - up to 75% off of retail prices.

For the women, all dresses are $65, cotton tees are $45 and there are sweaters for $50. Some speciality pieces you'll find are plaid mini skirts, brocade jackets and dark suits ($45 for pants, $85 for blazers!)

Now for the men, there are suits, button down shirts and pants - shirts $45, blazers $100 and pants $50. The best deal though are mens jackets for only $135!

The Theory sample sale runs through Thursday, January 17th at Clothingline 261 W 36th Street, 2nd floor.