Resilience by Ferlie Debuted Love Unconditional Jewelry Collection

RESILIENCE by Ferlie debuted its captivating, thought provoking, heart wrenching and deeply inspirational, Love Unconditional Collection on February 4, 2013, World Cancer Day. This novelty, yet exquisite collection prides in the meticulous fine hand craftsmanship, lasting luster and durability. Its gutsy design arouses curiosity, provokes conversations most people will be uncomfortable to discuss, awakens the minds to the harsh realities of life, and challenges the very fiber that holds a relationship.

The unique design of the Love Unconditional Collection was inspired by the colorful and challenging life of its designer, Philippine born, Ferlinda "Ferlie"Almonte,now a citizen and a resident of the US. Having endured many adversities in life, and rising with grace each time, Ferlie made an empowering decision to turn her MESS into her MESSAGE by creating inspirational products and services that awaken one's senses and awareness, ignite the light within,and Unleashyour B.L.I.N.G. (Boldly Living In Natural Greatness).

The core element of the design of Love Unconditional is far from pretty. People are shocked and mesmerized by the idea of using something so unusual and far from traditional jewelry designs. After the initial shock, people are enchanted and often moved to tears. The laser engraved message that comes with each pendant says it all.

The Love Unconditional debut collection is available in 925 Sterling Silver, beautifully coated with rhodium for lasting, tarnish free shine. Parts and links are soldered ensuring quality and integrity of each piece. Each piece comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on Workmanship. Made in USA. This magnificent collection is available in fine gold, platinum and can be custom ordered with diamonds, gemstones or personalized messages. Apercentage ofsales proceeds will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer and Ovarian Cancer Foundations to Honor the memory of our loved ones who we lost to cancer, those who are still battling this dreadful disease, and those loved ones who willingly share their pain and suffering.

Love Unconditional jewelry is far from ordinary. IT IS A TESTIMONY OF LOVE. Priceless in value.

Because pure love endures even when life stinks!

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