PROJECT RUNWAY's Tim Gunn Talks Fashion Technology

PROJECT RUNWAY's Tim Gunn Talks Fashion Technology

In a recent interview with The High Low, Project Runway star Tim Gunn spoke about new technologies in the world of fashion.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

On technology in fashion:
For me, the test of new technology's greatness is our not being aware of it.

On UV protective undergarments:
That's why I say undergarments are so critical. It could be leggings for a woman or long johns for a man. I say this because with the shift in our environment, it's affecting our skin, and the changes are going to be more profound. We think about putting sunscreen on our faces, but meanwhile, those rays penetrate our clothing.

On Google Glass:
I don't want to see it. I don't want it to bludgeon me. Why don't you just hold the camera? Why do you have to wear the glasses?

And then it becomes an issue, like wire tapping...maybe you should have to declare that you're observing me and it's being recorded," he continued. Now focusing back on the fashion, Gunn said, "The glasses themselves, aside from the camera attachment, are all right, but the presence of the [camera] is too overwhelming for me.

On a PROJECT RUNWAY contestant using 3D printing
I think it's still in its infancy. But I'm rapt by it, I agree with you. I'm in the middle of home visits for season 12 of Project Runway, and one of the finalists is using 3D printing. I won't even give you a gender, but this individual is able to do this because of the support of a research center at a university. The individual does not own the technology, but has been given carte blanche to use it. I watched it in action - fascinating.

To read the entire interview, visit The High Low.

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