Artist John Waguespack Launches Kickstarter for Upcycled Home Goods Line

Artist John Waguespack Launches Kickstarter for Upcycled Home Goods Line

Contemporary San Francisco artist John Waguespack today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for his latest inspiration, Salvador's Garden upcycled home goods line. The product line includes pillows and blankets - all made from an amazing textile of 100 percent post consumer recycled plastic bottles. The beautiful snow-white fabrics reminded John of a portrait of Dali he painted, which ultimately presented the perfect medium on which to share this new series.

Surrealism has always been a huge inspiration for Waguespack. The original painting he created, My Salvador, became the motivation for a series of paintings called Salvador's Garden. Everything in this garden - the birds, flowers and animals were transformations of the original portrait.

"It's hard to believe these beautiful products are made from plastic bottles. By removing this recyclable material from our landfills we are helping to keep our planet from turning into a waste dump," states Waguespack. "This process takes what would be trash and upcycles it into something useful and beautiful. The bold graphic approach is the perfect marriage of fantasy and simplicity. The outcomes are useful, decorative and celebrate the material."

The fabrics are incredible to touch, and provide the sensation of satin, silk, chiffon, and cotton. The first collection includes three products: two sizes of decorative pillows and a blanket. Size options for the pillow include a 16x16 and a 24x24 with either the Hummingbird or Flower design - all pillows come stuffed. The 48x54 blanket comes in one style, the Butterfly pattern. The home goods line is proudly made in the USA.

Salvador's Garden is ready to go into production but John needs your help. By supporting this Kickstarter you will be pre-ordering the products and become a part of the success in bringing Salvador's Garden to life. Your support will help raise the funds needed to place the first production order. The pledge goal is $25,000. There are multiple pledge levels you can choose to back the project including a limited Early Bird Special consisting of one of each product at a discounted price as well as a promise that your order will be one the first to ship.

The launch is on June 10, 2014 and will run through July 11, 2014.

Please visit John's Kickstarter profile at to lend your support.