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Mark Ruffalo Discusses Theatre Vs. Film In Relation To HBO's THE NORMAL HEART

Mark Ruffalo Discusses Theatre Vs. Film In Relation To HBO's THE NORMAL HEARTAcclaimed stage and screen star Mark Ruffalo opens up about his role in the hotly anticipated HBO adaptation of Larry Kramer's acclaimed Tony Award-winning drama The Normal Heart as part of a new interview.

Ruffalo shares of the differences between theatre and film as they pertain to THE NORMAL HEART, as well as his own anxiety over taking on the lead role, "First off, I'm not used to handling that much language. Coming from a play, it's very stylized, which is very different from most films. [Ned Weeks] is probably one of the most beloved characters in modern theatrical history and in modern gay history. And I'm straight. He has a deep center and I was worried that I wouldn't get there, that I'd let a lot of people down."

Discussing the play itself, Ruffalo reveals, "I was part of a generation that worked on that play every semester in acting school. It was the go-to drama. It had all the juicy parts - powerful monologues and sexy, tough scenes. I was immersed in it and loved tearing it apart and looking inside the mechanics of it."

Plus, Ruffalo adds, "Larry largely reimagined that story - he personalized and deepened it. The aim of the play was agitprop to motivate people. For the movie, he took it out of the polemic and made it more humanizing. Larry Cracked himself open in ways he did not even do with the play. We see a more vulnerable version of him."

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