Scoop: ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS on NBC - Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scoop: ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS on NBC - Thursday, January 24, 2013 Beasts of the Southern Wild is the surprise film of the Oscars with four nominations including Best Picture and Best Actress for Quvenzhane Wallis. At 9, she is the youngest female ever nominated, but every member of the cast is a local who has never acted before. Her co-star is Dwight Henry, who runs a bakery in New Orleans. Ann Curry travels with Quvenzhane Wallis to Mr. Henry's bakery to talk with them about their remarkable story about the love between father and daughter.

Imagine a future where you help call the shots on your own healthcare. Leading cardiologist and medical visionary Dr. Eric Topol believes this fresh approach to medicine is already here and we can literally hold it in our own hands. Dr. Nancy Snyderman highlights Topol and his contention that the cell phone will make your healthcare much better and much cheaper.

But Wait There's More! BrIan Williams takes a tour around the kitchen with legendary television pitchman Ron Popeil. The self-proclaimed salesman of the century gives Williams a first look at his new invention. Here's a hint: you will never look at turkey the same way again.

You likely don't know his name, but he is President Obama's top military advisor and the highest ranking member of the military. GenerAl Martin Dempsey is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and he sits down with Ted Koppel for an in-depth interview on cyber-war, lessons learned from the Petraeus scandal, and the war in Afghanistan.

BrIan Williams wraps up the broadcast with a look back at what has people talking. From this week's news to some of the quirky stuff online, it will be worth talking about tomorrow. #ROCKBOTTOM

PROGRAMMING NOTE: "Rock Center" is moving to Fridays at 10p/9c beginning on Friday, February 8.