Joss Whedon Imparts some Advice to the Makers of Batman & Superman

Joss Whedon Imparts some Advice to the Makers of Batman & Superman

According to, Joss Whedon challenges the decisions makers at Fox, Sony and Warner Bros. by suggesting they ask themselves if they are ready to go up against Marvel Studios.

Whedon directed the first "Avengers," is directing the second "Avengers," but he's also a noted comic book creator, and he famously attempted to bring "Wonder Woman" to cinematic life. Now, with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment developing a cinematic universe starting with "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," Wonder Woman included, it seems like the DC side of the comic book movie aisle is finally stepping up its game.

However, Whedon wouldn't exactly put it that way; in his eyes, there's no need for Warner Bros. and DC to step up their game, because what they're already doing works in its own way.

"I think that both studios have kind of different agendas, different ways of approaching the superhero genre, and the ethos of the thing, and the aesthetic," Whedon said during an interview with Nerd HQ at Comic-Con (via "They go very dark and serious and sometimes it works amazingly, and Marvel tends to be a little lighter."

"I would not want them to do what Marvel does," he continued. "I like what they do when they get it right. When you get a Heath Ledger [performance], and 'Batman Begins,' and those things that really grip you. That's something nobody else is doing, and I like it. I want them to do what they're doing."

We'll see how WB and DC handle the balancing act of maintaining the serious tone of "Man of Steel" while creating a cohesive cinematic universe ala the Marvel Studios model when "Batman v Superman" lands in 2016.

Before then, we'll see Whedon's next superhero movie in the very near future: "Avengers: Age of Ultron," in theaters on May 1, 2015.