Smart Home Technology News: QMotion releases 'Qsync' device and app

Smart Home Technology News: QMotion releases 'Qsync' device and app

PENSACOLA, Fla., Aug. 20, 2013 - The latest release from QMotion Advanced Shading Systems makes automatic window shades smarter than ever before. Qsync allows users to control window shades throughout the home without putting down the phone.

Qsync works with the QMotion app that's available in app stores, transforming a smart phone or tablet into a functional transmitter for QMotion shades. With Qsync, users have the ability to:

  • Adjust, raise and lower more than 450 individual window shades or shade groups at the home or office, from a smart device
  • Use pictures and names to identify windows, groups or zones in the home or business
  • Set up once on a single device. The settings then may be loaded to other smartphones and tablets automatically

Qsync hardware retails for $588 and easily integrates with existing QMotion shades. Once installed to a standard network router, users have only to download the free mobile app, currently available for iPhone and iPad and coming in September to the Android market.

Once downloaded, the app allows users to operate individual shades from their mobile devices, or to combine shades into "groups" and "zones." The app can control more than 450 individual shades or groups, allowing for nearly limitless customization and control. Users can even adjust different groups to varying positions simultaneously to create "scenes" at a truly custom level.

Qsync is the latest brainchild of QMotion Advanced Shading Systems, a US-based company known for smart design and innovation. The company won the Window Covering Manufacturing Association award for "Best New Technical Innovation" in 2012 for a system that significantly extends battery life and reduces noise. QMotion also created the first automated shade with a manual override option.

About QMotion Advanced Shading Systems

QMotion automated shades are assembled in the United States and sold around the world by a network of premium dealer partners. QMotion shades require no re-wiring and are ableusing standard D-cell batteriesto last years longer than their competition. QMotion products are environmentally friendly, can help reduce energy costs and are safer for homes with small children and pets. Qadvanced automated window shades are theonlyautomated shades on the market with a manual override. Learn more about QMotion products and dealer opportunities at


Smart Home Technology News: QMotion releases 'Qsync' device and app