Dr. Oz Show Spotlights Weight Management Aid FBCx

Dr. Oz Show Spotlights Weight Management Aid FBCx

FBCx, the patented ingredient in the weight management aid Calorease, was featured on the Dr. Oz Show on Friday, February 7, 2014. FBCx is a breakthrough dietary fiber that promises to revolutionize the weight loss industry and is only available in Calorease. See the show here.

FBCx (alpha-cyclodextrin) is a naturally sourced fiber with a unique quality - it can bind and eliminate up to 9 times its weight in dietary fat. When used as directed, Calorease, with FBCx, can reduce up to 500 calories a day from a normal fat containing diet. That can add up to 15,000 fewer calories in a month!

Calorease, with the patented fat binder FBCx, is now available for purchase at over 2,000 GNC stores nationwide in convenient 180 count packs, lasting 30+ days. The stimulant free supplement is also considered heart healthy.

Calorease has a tendency to bind with bad fats or triglycerides first, safely removing them from your body before they can be absorbed and turned into fat.

Recently, several products claiming to use the patented FBCx fiber have flooded the online market place. Consumers looking for the real FBCx can purchase Calorease, the only patented FBCx product in the United States from global natural medicine company, SOHO Flordis International (SFI).

"Calorease will transform the diet industry," said Jeff McHarg, General Manager SFI North America. "This revolutionary dietary supplement is a naturally sourced plant fiber offering all of the benefits of weight management without the messy side effects."

Calorease has been researched in scientific studies and clinical trials, which have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Obesity/Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews and the Metabolism Journal. Ongoing clinical trials in the USA, Australia and Europe have already verified the efficacy and value of Calorease with FBCx as a weight management aid. For more information or to purchase Calorease online, visit www.calorease.com or visit a GNC store near you.

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