Victoria's Secret Tops WWD 100 List

Victoria's Secret Tops WWD 100 List

WWD published its list of the 100 most consumer-recognized brands.  The survey was sent out to women aged 13 to 64 with an average household income above $50,000, according to WWD. Respondents were asked to rate how familiar they were with the 1,008 pre-selected brands, with the options being "very familiar," "somewhat familiar" or "not at all familiar."

Landing in the number one spot is Victoria's Secret.

Some other surprises? Old Navy beat out its parent company Gap, coming in at number three. And not a single high-fashion brand like Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors landed in the top ten.

The full top 10:

1. Victoria's Secret
2. Hanes
3. Old Navy
4. Levi's
5. Nike
6. Fruit of the Loom
7. Calvin Klein
8. Lee
9. Gap
10. Timex