Spiritually Inspired Jewelry by Mary Margrill on Display at the Minneapolis Museum of Art

Spiritually Inspired Jewelry by Mary Margrill on Display at the Minneapolis Museum of Art

Mary Margrill's unique pieces of jewelry, that are among the coveted possessions of Hollywood's elite, including actresses and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Beyonce and Halle Berry, have acquired new acclaim, with the "One world" necklace being honored for exhibition at the prestigious "Faith in Motion" gallery at Minneapolis Museum of Art. It will be on display at the institute until July 31st of this year.

Never the kind of artist content with the creation of pieces that portrayed "butterflies and diamonds," Margrill is inspired by a deeper impulse to contribute to the planet. She believes that artists play their part in providing a commentary on society. The "One World" necklace is a couture piece, encrusted with symbols from the world's seven predominant faiths, joined together with a clasp, embodying the peace symbol. It reflects her unwavering belief of tapping into the divine source that may have different names but, in the end, reverberates from the same energy. Estimated at $ 16,000 to $ 20,000, it is shaped from 14-karat white gold, engraved with two carats of white diamond.

At heart, Margrill is a painter and a sculptor. Many of her sculptures have found their way into the ownership of renowned collectors around the US, including the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. In 2002, Margrill, daughter of an eminent artist and business executive, founded her own jewelry company, M2, pronounced M square, which is named after her. Since then there has been no looking back, with her signature pieces being featured in the country's top magazines such as Elle, Forbes Woman, People, to name only a few.

The jewelry line provides a business platform to shape her consummate vision of blending style with mysticism.

"I started making pieces that expressed my own thoughts and day to day experiences. These pieces were not about me. They were about human commonalities and similarities, the ways in which people react to inspiration, heart-break, family and love. They speak to everybody in a universal way. Some of my clients even use these pieces instead of an engagement ring," she said.

Margrill draws upon the power of simple words such as "faith", "love", "believe" to serve as a layer of protection for the wearer and to manifest a myriad of miracles. The chic of diamond and gold blended with a socially enriching message of harmony has proved to be irresistible to women, who adorn it to reflect their own beliefs and pursuits even as they try to heal and connect with the exalted in the universe.

For more information, please visit http://www.marymargrill.com.