Loehmann's Launches New Website

Loehmann's Launches New Website

Loehmann's is back! Well the website is anyway.

After almost 93 years, the premier upscale off-price specialty retailer Loehmann's, went out of business. But just five months after the intellectual property assests were acquired in bankruptcy court, the new website is up and running.

The website features apparel for men, women and children, accessories, shoes, bed and bath as well as beauty.

About Loehmann's:

Loehmann's began operating in 1921 when Frieda Loehmann opened the first store in Brooklyn, N.Y. Loehmann made her rounds to designer's showrooms, buying their overstocks, cancellations and samples at a fraction of the original wholesale price. A trendsetter at a time when women rarely assumed that role, Frieda Loehmann's forward thinking and innovative approach to retail set the standard for what became an entire industry.