Condé Nast Partners with Wal-Mart on Magazine

Condé Nast Partners with Wal-Mart on Magazine

WWD reported that Wal-Mart's glossy magalog, BeautyScoop, was created for them by Condé Nast, the luxury publisher of magazines like Vogue, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, W, and Lucky.

Condé Nast does not use BeautyScoop to promote their beauty publications like Allure or Self noris their name visible on the title pages of BeautyScoop. Both Condé Nast and Wal-Mart have made an official comment about their partnership. It's a secret fashion collaboration!

This wouldn't be such a big deal if both sides weren't being so shady about the whole thing. BeautyScoop brings in big earnings for Condé Nast and reaches and a broad audience. The catalogue features standalone content that was created by a separate editorial staff, so it doesn't compromise the publisher's other "high end" magazines. Wal-Mart benefits from the publisher's expertise and experience.

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