Addison & Park Bridges Gap between Bespoke and Ready to Wear

Addison & Park Bridges Gap between Bespoke and Ready to Wear

New men's suit label ADDISON & PARK premiered its first line for Autumn/Winter. Every suit has been hand cut, hand sewn, hand canvassed, hand lined, and hand finished.  As apparel production is sent in droves to Asia, ADDISON & PARK displays the beauty of authentic American design and a rare admiration for old world craftsmanship.

The collection has been designed and edited over the course of four years under the creative direction of Gerald Tuchman, a designer whose industry experience lies exclusively in men's tailoring. The use of lush heavyweight fabrics with mid-1900's styling, establish ADDISON & PARK as a bold innovator that also showcases the modern day relevance of Bespoke and Neapolitan tailoring. The suits and sport coats present a classic subdued color palate with an aggressively tapered silhouette.

Tuchman attributes much of his appreciation for craftsmanship to serving as an apprentice to one of the few remaining American tailors still crafting suits by hand. When asked, Tuchman explained why the collection is currently only available to a small list of private clients. He stated "Making clothing of this quality takes a great degree of skill and sartorial artisanship, so I am being very cautious in selecting where the line is carried. Suits like these just aren't being made anymore, especially in America. With quality this rare, it's of the utmost importance to preserve the integrity of the design and craftsmanship."

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Founded in 2012, ADDISON & PARK is a luxury clothier built on the timeless legacy of artisans. Our suits are handcrafted in America in the time honored traditions of Bespoke and Neapolitan tailoring. The Company's values are preserving old world craftsmanship, celebrating youthful classicism and making clothing that improves with time.