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'Stretcher Print' Becomes World-first Recycled Bottle Wall Art

Innovative Eco-company, based in Bradford, Yorkshire are passionate about the planet and dedicated to innovation.Stuart Jones started the business because he wanted to find a smart way of re-using some of the millions of plastic bottles that go into landfill each year. So, when they came up with the idea to re-use discarded plastic bottles and turn them into stunning wall art, they knew they'd hit on something unique and exciting!

The team at Co2nscience have rigorously researched, developed, tested, shown-off and waxed lyrical to everyone they've met about their unique Stretcher Prints to the point where they've refined and perfected this truly unique and first of its kind product. And, boy, are they worth showing off!!

Which is why Co2nscience have decided to launch their exciting 'Stretcher Prints' via the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter.

Their Kickstarter target is to upcycle 140,000 plastic bottles and transform them into unique wall art.

Stuart Jones, Founder and MD of Co2nscience said:

"We've launched our project exclusively on Kickstarter because we feel that what we're trying to achieve - and the innovation that we've come up with - will really resonate with the switched-on Kickstarter audience. With their help, we can spread the word far and wide and hopefully, in the not too distant future, create such a demand for the ubiquitous empty plastic bottle that very few end up in landfill - so important as they can take 500 years to decompose!"

Stretcher Prints are the eye-catching wall print of choice for the stylish, eco-conscious generation. The Pioneer, The Explorer, The Adventurer, The Stargazer and The Creator are their five signature designs, and are totally unlike anything else you can buy. Each print is made of up to 22 recycled 50cl plastic bottles, which is great for the environment. The unique properties of the material make it flexible, durable and washable too! The fabric is soft and felt-like to the touch; not at all plasticky as you might expect.

In addition, Co2nscience have teamed up with some highly talented photographers, including Derek Kind, a Canadian artist specialising in dramatic landscape photography, Mark Denton, a Yorkshire-based panoramic photographer and Joolz Dymond, the UK's premier female cycling photographer, to provide a diverse range of style options for every environment.

Co2nscience have also been licensed by the National Archives and Transport for London, and, more recently, the Press Association, to reproduce some of their iconic and award winning images.

Stretcher Prints have already garnered some amazing responses from those who've been privileged to receive the very first preview versions. And now they're ready to tell the whole world! Co2nscience believes that people will be just as excited to find out about their world-first Stretcher Prints as they are to have created them!

Co2nscience have a vision that - in the future - they can inspire other innovators to take their lead and upcycle plastic bottles into other unique and pioneering products.

Stuart Jones said, "I hope that, over time, our Stretcher Prints will prove to have been instrumental in an even bigger movement towards choosing recycled materials over virgin ones; we would like to create a real demand for recycled post-consumer rPET [recycled polyester], to assist towards the fight for protecting and preservingour environment.We are doing our bit for the environment and are hopeful that, for the consumers of tomorrow, a moral choice will become an increasingly significant factor in their purchasing decisions; just as it is in the manufacture of all our products."

To view Co2nscience's'Stretcher Print'project onKickstarter, please click on:

Contact: Stuart Jones, Founder & CEO, or Katy Jeffrey, Marketing Manager- at - on +44(0)1274-23-80-20

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