BWW Reviews: BronxArtSpace Benefit

Some of the best ways to collect art at reasonable prices is to make a habit of going to the many art sales aimed at benefitting an important arts organization. Usually these sales bring together a group of artists around an organization that are vested in the space, the area or the scene. This Monday July 22 from 5-9pm you can sip some wine, have an hors d-oeuvre or two and meet and see works by some 50 artists that have congealed around the BRONXARTSSPACE.

If this smells of self promotion-it should a bit. I am an ex-pat of sorts these days in the South Bronx though I was never fully patriated. Am I crossing the line by writing about and promoting an event I am a part off? -Yes. But it is a good line to cross for this exhibits includes a group worth seeing at a price you won't see at their associatEd Galleries or in the future as they follow their own unique paths in the art world.

I like large group shows, the de rigueur of the summer. Though you lose the depth you get from a one-woman show you get a larger setting of the landscape. Hopefully at a Bronx show you would see some themes and materials crossing as many of these artists have sprung from roots fed from the same dirt, the same visual influences of the land.

BWW Reviews: BronxArtSpace Benefit
John Ahearn: the actual art is a small part of a larger experience of community

John Ahearn and Lisa Kahane bring to mind Fashion Moda and more. They have integrated the regular people of the neighborhood since the early 1980's in a very real-street way. Ahearn's sculpture is literally cast on Bronx kids and Kahane's photography is at heart a documentation of the Bronx as they both freeze Bronx moments in time. Tim Rollins founder of K.O.S-Kids OF Survival -well the name says it all, has a concern for arts, education and community. He is a Lehman Maupin bright light and this is the opportunity to buy slightly below Chelsea prices. Bronx arts educators and gallerists are a part of this mix : The beautiful and warm Carry Clark of 'The Point' in Hunts Point and Susan Hoetltzel, head of Lehman Colleges art gallery are here as artists.

BWW Reviews: BronxArtSpace Benefit
Tim Rollin's K.O.S at work

One of Anthony Haden Guests top 5 to watch in 2011 is in the exhibit- Matthew Burcaw. Indeed many good friends and talented artists are in this show including, Tyko Kihlstedt, Melissa Calderon, Hatuey Ramos Fermin, Xaviar Figueroa. Showman Hastanan, Juanito Lanzo, Laura Napier and others.

BWW Reviews: BronxArtSpace Benefit
Matthew Burcaw

But you decide what you like and see if you want to make a tax deductable acquisition. Meet Linda Cunningham and Mitsu Hadeishi to see how two people can make a difference over 15 years of sweat drained daily from youth to bind, to unite, to create and make something that lasts, has history and is apart of many artists lives.

There is a silent auction. For details:


Tel/Fax 718 401 8144

Subway: #6 to 138th st...piece of cake

Closing reception August 4

Gallery Hours Wed-Fri 3:30-6:30pm, Sat 12-5pm

Participating artists:

John Ahearn Benton-C Bainbridge Elena Bouza Mathew Burcaw

Melissa Calderón Pablo Caviedes Carry Clark Dennis Darkeem

Med Duguid Maria Estevez Hatuey Ramos Fermin Michael Ferris

Xavier Figueroa Glenn Fischer Michelle Frick Melvin Guzman

Elizabeth Hamby Katharine Hargreaves Skoman Hastanan

Daniel Hauben Nora Herting Susan Hoeltzel Michael Kamber

Tyko Kihlstedt Lisa Kahane Grace Kim Barbara Korman

Barry Kostrinsky Juanita Lanzo Rejin Leys Inna Linov

James Luckett Ira Merritt Laura Napier Osjua Newton

Glass Olive Fernando Penaloza Lauren Post Louis Riso

Tim Rollins Amanda Savinon Shadagga Terry Towery

Sarah White Katie Williams Tammy Wofsey Joanna Wrzaszczyk


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Barry Kostrinsky Barry Kostrinsky is the founder of Havensbx and Haven Arts. Gallery and performance spaces that reinvigorated the South Bronx arts scene from 2004-2017. The Municipal Arts Society (MAS) awarded Haven Arts a certificate of merit in 2006.

Barry has contributed to a variety of panels including a NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Percent for art program, and a Bronx Museum symposium for the Artist in the Artists in Marketplace (AIM) program. Barry formed and moderated talks for the Artists Talk on Art(ATOA) Series at The School of Visual Arts (SVA) and the National Arts Club that discussed the history of the Bronx arts scene and contemporary ceramics. Recently he joined the board of ATOA

Barry served as a member of the Arts in Public Places (AIPP) committee for Rockland County in the past and now sits on the board of "Human Connections Art"

His past experiences managing a family run manufacturing company in the South Bronx for 20+ years gives him a uniquely balanced view of the art world.

He worked in finance and banking from 2010-2013 for a small independent company and then for Bank of America. As a result he sees the art world from both the aesthetic side and the financial market it is.

As an artist Barry has exhibited in group shows in NYC. He works in a variety of medium including oil paints, ceramics, acrylics, watercolor, photography and mixed medium. Whereas the oil paintings are mostly plein-air works not unlike the impressionists and post-impressionist, his acrylic work is quite contemporary and often on found objects including car parts, light bulbs, beds and more. His photographic work ranges from serene nature shots, to street detritus and social commentary using his simple I-Phone and old Polaroid small format cameras. In ceramics Barry makes modern day minkisi-power figures and has helped developed Bruce Sherman's ceramic career while managing his studio from 2014-2016

Barry special ability is to be able to see others artists work from the eyes of an artist and to dialogue with artists in a meaningful way about their art and where they are going.

As a youth Barry was a math major at Vassar College and graduated in 1982. His High School days at New Rochelle High enabled him to develop his artistic talents, Mr. Blackburn was an inspiring teacher. He spent the summer before senior year at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and had a firm footing in the arts before college. By chance Vassar had one of the best art history departments in the US and he studied with Linda Nochlin, Susan Kuretsky and in his rookie year, Ken Silver.

He is a proud father of three grown kids ages 29,29 (twins is the way to start) and 24.

Like so many today he is divorced.

Barry has a strong passion for all things arts related and his love for cooking and eating run a close second.