C3 and SuperCon 2K Series to Bring Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour to Westwood College, 12/7

C3 and SuperCon 2K Series to Bring Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour to Westwood College, 12/7

Colorado Cutthroat Connection (C3), SuperCon 2K Series in conjunction with Westwood College - South Campus has announced Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour on December 7th 2013. This will be the season opener for C3 and the SuperCon 2K Series.

Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour will feature several events including PS4 and Xbox One showcases *(with a spacial chance to win a PS4 and/or Xbox One), Tournament play in games such as Killer Instinct, WWE 2K14, HALO 4, Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Call of Duty: Ghost, and more. In addition to all this, there will be a special guest appearance from WWE star Maria Kanellis. Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour is also very thrilled to announce that they will be connecting donations for Toys for Tots.

Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour will also act as host for the mid year Animeland Wasabi Pre-Con for Animeland Wasabi 2014. The pre-con will feature:

  • Cosplay photoshoots
  • Food
  • Cards against Humanity
  • Workshops / Panel
  • Con 101
  • Cosplay not constent
  • Meet and greet of heads of staff for Animeland Wasabi
  • History of anime
  • Anime video showing
  • Opportunity Fund (once knows as raffle) to win a free dorm pass
  • ...And much more!

About Animeland Wasabi 2014: Animeland was founded by Andrea Cortright and Miller Timmons due to a strong desire to give something more to the ever-increasing anime community by providing a "New Way to Anime". With the addition of a variety of pop culture programming, events and more driven by C3, Animeland is bringing a pop culture event with an anime feel to Colorado in 2014. In 2014 Animeland Wasabi is slated for February 28th - March 2nd, 2014.

Animeland Wasabi 2014 is thrilled to announce the first of three guests of honor: Jeremy Shada. Jeremy Shada is an American teen actor and singer who currently provides the voice of the young adventurer, Finn on Cartoon Network's Emmy-nominated series Adventure Time. He is also currently starring in Nick Cannon's new live-action sketch comedy series, Incredible Crew on Cartoon Network.

Jeremy has guest starred on many television series and movies including Miracle Run, Healing Hands, Southern Comfort, Aliens In The House, Love's Unending Legacy, Parenthood, Nip/Tuck, Ghost Whisperer, Shark, Stacked, The Loup, Good Girls Don't, ER, Parenthood, and Cold Case. He also recurred as young Charlie Pace on the hugely successful ABC television drama Lost.

His other animated projects include Team America, Batman the Brave and the Bold, Chowder, Super Crazies, Penguins of Madagascar and Paranorman.

*** Animeland Wasabi is offering a Jeremy Shada Experience Pass for those who are interested in getting VIP access to Jeremy. Details about the pass are located here.

For more info on Animeland Wasabi, visit animelandwasabi.comC3 and SuperCon 2K Series to Bring Fighter Frenzy Campus Tour to Westwood College, 12/7.