The Otter Company Rededicates to Ecological and Social Responsibility the New 2013 Collection

The Otter Company Rededicates to Ecological and Social Responsibility the New 2013 Collection

"We don't just want to build a successful company," Martin Stebbins, The Otter Company founder and President told a leading business publication in August 2011, when the company announced its all-new 2012 outerwear collection for golfers and outdoor enthusiasts, "we want to build a good company; a company with a conscience and a sense of responsibility to both the environment and to our community."

American apparel maker The Otter Company is marking the launch of its 2013 collection with a rededication to the principles of ecological and social responsibility.

"In our game, we replace divots, rake bunkers and repair ball marks," said Stebbins. "Why? We do it for all the people playing behind us. There's no reason that same attitude shouldn't translate to our fabric choices and the way we do business."

Eco-fashion – protecting the wearer, protecting the earth 
Otter function and protection has an ecological conscience. The Otter Company ECO-Aimed Performance Fabrics™ include materials that are renewable, sourced from recycled materials, or manufactured according to a series of standards that consider human and environmental safety. ECO-Aimed Performance Fabrics combine technical function, a high-level of performance and sustainable practices.

Otter wools, cottons and synthetics offer protection to the wearer and to the environment without sacrificing style, function, or protection. Otter also makes extensive use of recycled materials and high-tech fabrics that are certifiably environmentally friendly, including compliance with the textile industry's bluesign® standards for sustainable fabrics.

"We are proud to offer a collection composed of natural, renewable, recycled or certifiably eco-responsible materials," Stebbins added. "We're also proud that we help the game go on regardless of the weather, without sacrificing performance, style, or comfort – and without a price premium."

Watch for the all-new 2013 collection from The Otter Company, coming soon. Find the full line of The Otter Company outerwear, or find a local retailer, by visiting

About The Otter Company 
The Otter Company, headquartered in Birmingham, Mich., designs, manufactures and markets comfortable, technical and ecologically sensitive outerwear for sports people. We maximize playtime and extend sessions and seasons with garments that allow play earlier in the spring, later in the fall and in any inclement weather.

Inspired by the otter, whose fur is the thickest in the animal kingdom and is constructed in layers to trap air, generate warmth, and keep the skin dry – the otter is comfortable at play in any climate. Otter garments emulate this brilliant natural design and the spirit of the otter – its playfulness, its freedom, and its willingness to continue to enjoy itself when the weather is less than ideal. We say, "Whatever the weather. Keep playing. Stay comfortable." It's the otter's way, and The Otter Company's pledge.