Loungewear Meets High Fashion: Interview with Kings of Cole Founder Elana Brynes

Loungewear Meets High Fashion: Interview with Kings of Cole Founder Elana Brynes

Elana Brynes is a young entrepreneur, the founder of "Kings of Cole," a line of sportswear and loungewear that incorporates high fashion with total comfort. The trendy items include boyfriend sweatshirts, hoodies, tops, tees, sweatpants and shorts that have soft fabrics and wonderful fits. Broadwayworld.com had the opportunity to interview Brynes about her clothing line and her plans for the future of the company. She is a charming young woman whose creative ideas have made Kings of Cole very popular.

Brynes is a native of New Yorker City and currently resides in Manhattan. As a graduate of Boston University, she studied Hospitality. Brynes said that her education has been very useful in her business as her major gave her a strong background in networking, management and event planning. Now, at age 27, Brynes has a bright future to look forward to in the fashion industry.

The idea for the Kings of Cole line started when Brynes broke up with her boyfriend of three years and he took back his sweatshirt. Brynes recognized the need for men's and women's clothing that allows people to "feel comfortable and confident when dressing down." Loungewear Meets High Fashion: Interview with Kings of Cole Founder Elana Brynes

Kings of Cole is located in the fashion district of Manhattan and currently has five people working in the company that Brynes refers to as "family." Brynes is delighted with the opportunity to develop stylish new items and have a staff that is totally supportive and enthusiastic about the line of clothing.

Brynes is thoughtful and passionate when she describes her company. "People who own Kings of Cole live in them because of the comfort and the fact that it is wearable. It becomes their favorite piece, a staple item that makes you look totally put together." Kings of Cole fashions are being worn by the top names in show business including Gwyneth Paltrow, the Kardashians, Tracy Anderson, Selena Gomez and many others.

Kings of Cole is currently sold by retailers nationwide, primarily small boutiques. While she plans to expand their sales outreach, Brynes commented on their current marketing. "We like the fact that our clothing is being sold in the best stores. In the boutique setting there is great interaction between the sales staff and the customer allowing for a real understanding of our products."

As a successful businessperson, Brynes has some important advice for other young entrepreneurs. She commented, "For every yes I received, I've had a thousand no's. Be confident in yourself and go forward with an idea you love and believe in."

Brynes has exciting plans for the future of Kings of Cole. With the launch of their new web site, customers can expect to see additions to the fashion line. The company is open to business collaborations and has already had a successful one with "Betches Love This." Kings of Cole does custom designs and is launching their new children's line. Byrnes said, "The children's clothing will be perfect for young sophisticates."

Brynes is currently engaging in an important outreach campaign to combat bullying with her "Bye Hater" hoodie. She commented about the company's altruistic initiative and its goals. "At one point in everyone's life, they have been exposed to bullying, whether they have observed an incident or been a victim. Our outreach starts the conversation in an important way so people will never feel alone." She further stated, "Kings of Cole is all about self acceptance and celebrating oneself. These are concepts that everyone should embrace."

For more information about Kings of Cole and how you can purchase their line of products, visit their web site www.kingsofcole.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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