Scoop: THE CBS DREAM TEAM, IT'S EPIC on CBS - Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scoop: THE CBS DREAM TEAM, IT'S EPIC on CBS - Saturday, July 19, 2014Lucky Dog "Best of: Ultimate Tests" - From climbing a mountain to resisting temptation to swimming for safety, every dog that Brandon rescues has a unique set of challenges, and success will mean that they are ready for their new families. (n)

DR. CHRIS PET VET "The Brown Boys" - Veterinarian Chris Brown

heads to Fiji with his vet father and Lisa Chimes to help victims of a devastating cyclone by treating their injured animals, including a horse who was severely cut by a flying iron roof and a cantankerous 400-pound hog named Miss Piggy. OAD: 3/15/14

RECIPE REHAB "Bacon Fried Eggs" - Chef Richard and Chef Vikki compete to see who can rehab the Quintilone's go-to breakfast of Bacon-Fried Eggs. The Quintilone family are true foodies who love rich decadent meals, except for Ashley, who is extremely health-conscious. Ashley is a stand-out volleyball player who has tried to get her family to change their eating habits, but those changes don't last very long. Dad's health is the worst in the family, and a recent doctor visit has him concerned about his high blood pressure and weight. OAD: 3/1/14

JAMIE OLIVER'S 15 MINUTE "Smoked Salmon And Greek Chicken" - On the

menu is smoked salmon, Yorkshire pudding, beets and asparagus, plus Greek chicken, sweet pepper and pea couscous with tzatziki. OAD: 3/1/14

ALL IN WITH LAILA ALI "Best of: Race to the End" - Hundreds come to compete in one of the most punishing team relay races on earth where the mountains show no mercy and an artist magically creates unique visions using man-made clouds. OAD: 3/1/14

GAME CHANGERS WITH KEVIN "Mayor of Lob City" - NBA superstar Deandre Jordan surprises a young team and gives them the key to dunk city. Also, in Hawaii, the best surfers in the world Face Off on some of the biggest waves on earth, plus NFL stars flock to New York for the NFL Draft. (n)