accells Offers Complimentary Trial of its Mobile Identity Service for Businesses

accells Offers Complimentary Trial of its Mobile Identity Service for Businesses

accells, the cloud-based Mobile Identity service, announced a 30-day free trial service for business customers.

Businesses are not safe from hackers if their networks are accessible through user-managed passwords only. The current use of tokens and one-time passwords is safer, but businesses are finding this solution increasingly outdated in terms of usability, flexibility, cost and even security. Staff and business partners are engaged in constant, vital communication accessing systems behind the firewall or in the cloud-they must have a superior access solution that meets today's needs

accells Mobile Identity service enables businesses to deploy smart multi-factor authentication via a smartphone app, creating a stunningly simple, adaptive usability that enhances security while eliminating the need for tokens and one-time passwords. accells layers where-you-are, what-you-have, what-you-know and what-you-are factors, allowing businesses to both strengthen and relax authentication requirements based on the context.

accells can be set up easily to access any SAML-compatible cloud service, any SSL, IPSec or client VPN and any mobile service. Businesses can also enjoy accells as a smart single sign-on in the office or on the go, fully complementary to existing SSO services.

Businesses can make use of accells' free trial offer to evaluate the many features of accells Mobile Identity service, including:

  • Smart authentication with multiple factors
  • Smart SSO across services
  • Flexibility with authentication policies
  • Multi-user, multi-account access
  • Flexible User Directory Integration
  • Full control of the user "go live" date

"We are so pleased with the feedback of our beta customers that we decided to move faster to the market than we originally expected," said Eckhard Ortwein, CEO at accells. "Our customers can set up SAML services within minutes and integrate accells into their existing VPN in hours. By offering this free trial, we're giving customers an opportunity to evaluate the new concept of Mobile Identity so they can have a firsthand experience of how the technology can help their business to stay protected while providing a great user experience."

Any business can participate in the Free Trial Program. Free Trial customers will receive a license to use accells cloud-based Mobile Identity service with specified VPN (e.g. Juniper, Cisco and Fortinet) and SaaS application (e.g., Google Apps for Business, Zendesk, etc) and apps for Android and iPhone (to be followed by Blackberry and Windows) for 30 days. They will also receive technical support for setting up the company environment.

Business customers interested in additional information or in participating in the Free Trial are invited to visit: