Study: Men More Likely to Talk on the Phone than Women

Study: Men More Likely to Talk on the Phone than Women

US men have a larger circle of friends abroad than women according to a survey published today. The research, commissioned by new smartphone calling app FooTalk, found that men across the US know an average of 21 people living overseas, compared to women who only keep in touch with 15.

Surprisingly, it also found that men are more likely to pick up the phone for a chat. Women were found to instead rely on social media and emails to stay in touch, flipping the stereotype about women loving to spend hours chatting on the phone.

Men will also spend twice as long on the phone, with an average call time of half an hour, while women only stay on the line for 15 minutes.

The study of 500 Americans also found that over half of Americans speak to relatives or friends who living abroad via the phone, more than they do with those in the same country. Canada, the UK and Australia are the most common locations where Americans had friends and relatives living abroad.

Agony aunt and relationship psychologist, Susan Quilliam elaborates: 'The classic joke is that it's girls who are on the phone for hours. But increasingly it's guys who are becoming bigger fans of the phone conversation - particularly if they want to keep in touch with friends and family who've moved abroad.

"And they're absolutely right to want that; hearing someone's voice is a far richer experience than simply seeing words on a screen. Not only do you learn more about what the other person is thinking and feeling, but also they in turn get to learn more about you. If you talk to someone on the phone, you're fully focused on each other, minute to minute. Add that to the fact that calls are also fully and instantly responsive, immediate and interactive; and phone calls remain a great way of connecting with someone and sharing their daily life - even if they're far away."

56% of Americans make calls to 'gossip' rather than to impart big news. But a quarter of those surveyed admit they sometimes avoid talking to their friends and relatives abroad because of the high call charges, though they would reverse this decision if they could speak for free wherever they were. The hassles of alternative services, such as having to arrange a time to video or phone call that fits in around personal schedules and time differences, were big stumbling blocks for many.

FooTalk is a new app for iOS and Android that significantly reduces the cost of making calls for smartphone and tablet users. It allows customers to make free calls to friends and family who also have the FooTalk app, anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or 3G and 4G mobile data services.

Graeme Hutchinson, former sales and marketing chief, founding management team member of Virgin Mobile, and co-founder of FooTalk said: 'People are travelling the world for work and pleasure more than ever and now boast a truly international group of friends.

'But surprisingly it seems that men are the best at staying in touch with friends once they go overseas.

"Women may be put off by the thought of high costs to call abroad, but by using new apps this could become a thing of the past. Using these new methods, people can actually save money on their calls, whilst connecting on a more personal level with friends abroad.

"Facebook and Twitter might keep you abreast of your friends' lives but there's always more to be had from a conversation - even if the other person is in a different country."

"At this time of year, when the recent festive period has left people more determined than ever to save money, people with friends and relatives living abroad should know there are free ways of staying in touch with friends, colleague es and loved ones."

FooTalk also allows users to call any number in the world at extremely low rates (significantly lower than other alternative calling services like Skype). Whether calling abroad, avoiding expensive roaming charges whilst travelling, or simply calling friends nearby, FooTalk offers exceptional value compared to other services.

In addition to the significant cost saving benefits, FooTalk's patent-pending Discovery service is designed to ensure a more reliable connection than competitor products. This combination delivers a customer experience that gives them the most complete alternative to their network operator in one, easy-to-use app.