MoviePass App Hits Android with $30/Month Theater Subscriptions

MoviePass App Hits Android with $30/Month Theater Subscriptions

MoviePass quickly jumped through the App ranks on iOS, allowing movie fans to pay a subscription of $30/month to see as many movies as you want to. It's an idea that seems to make a lot of sense at certain times of the year and is downright frightening at others, which is probably how it all balances out.

Well Android users, be jealous no more - you've got it too as it's just gone up on Google Play.

Here's the deets:

MoviePass is a theatrical movie subscription service that allows members to see unlimited movies in theaters nationwide for a monthly fee.

Get the free app as a part of your MoviePass membership and you can see unlimited movies in your local theater.

If you are not a MoviePass member, sign up for MoviePass and start enjoying your unlimited access to the movies.

With MoviePass, you get access to every theatrical release with no blackout dates, with thousands of theaters nationwide to choose from, all for a low monthly fee

As a member, you get exclusive access to earn rewards points that can be used for concessions discounts, movies and much more! You can even reserve a copy of the film and soundtrack you just saw immediately after leaving the theater.

Members will also get access to invite only events, premieres and screenings and can use the built in social features to invite friends to the movies, rank and review films, and stay up to date with everything thats happening in the movie world.