Marcus Hiles - On Persistent Suburban Growth in America's Largest Metropolitan Areas

Marcus Hiles - On Persistent Suburban Growth in America's Largest Metropolitan Areas

DALLAS, March 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ The growing tendency of rural settings to steadily come out of the far denser metroplex areas has now become the mainstream, as the advantages of newer bedroom communities are rising over time. Marcus Hilesanticipates that suburbs will outpace cities in growth for the foreseeable future as the drive for affordable, lifestyle oriented residences remains high in demand.

Technology is making the transition between cities and outlying areas smoother, encouraging additional development. App friendly transportation like Uber and self-driving vehicles are making commuting easier and more enjoyable. The more spacious and rural a community, the easier it is to use unmanned flying machines for deliveries and other services. As well, remote work, virtual reality and smart-device technology is changing daily activities, making distance a less important criterion. Marcus Hiles notes the advent of connected household appliances, fixtures and "smart homes"- these helpful inventions are making for a comfortable living experience and are easily integrated into new construction. Furthermore, the ability to build sustainable, and energy efficient residential developments has created a shift in the look and function of these smaller centers.

The move away from large metropolitan areas is continuing to rise as a trend, with a Forbes article asserting that: "The vast majority of its growth has taken place outside the core, and largely in the suburbs." A combination of new real estate options, and job growth is bringing in renewed optimism and reverberating into strong expansions. The outlying cities are where the biggest gains in income are happening in the U.S. The reality is becoming clear that people are not willing to settle and are finding exactly what they want in well-designed communities with 80% of millennials choosing to reside in these areas.

Developing quality real estate projects for decades, Marcus Hilesstrives to provide a lifestyle of luxury in a community oriented setting. His award winning company, Wester Rim Property Services was founded in 1988 and has grown to include over 15,000 apartments and town houses.

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Marcus Hiles - On Persistent Suburban Growth in America's Largest Metropolitan Areas

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