Fit Food Finds: Community Supported Agriculture and Katchkie Farms

Fit Food Finds: Community Supported Agriculture and Katchkie Farms

Fit Food Finds: Community Supported Agriculture and Katchkie Farms

The Second Annual National Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Signup Day is a countrywide celebration of community-supported agriculture during which CSAs are offering incentives to sign on for the 2016 season. It is being held this Friday, Feb. 26.

In 2015, Small Farm Central released the 2014 CSA Farming Annual Report with data from more than 250 CSA farmers and almost 53,000 memberships. The report showed that the most popular day for CSA Signups in 2014 was Friday February 28. So in 2015, the first National CSA Signup Day was held on Saturday February 28. CSA farmers offered special CSA Signup Day discounts and promotions and enjoyed an influx of signups from members wanting to support local agriculture. Now in 2016, CSA Day is about more than getting lots of CSA signups. It's a whole day dedicated to the celebration of community-supported agriculture.

For New York City, Katchkie Farm CSA will give everyone who signs up on the 26th a jar of Katchkie Farm's famous tomato jam. This offer is available to former members, last year's members or first timers. Plus, there's a new and first-in-NYC add-on for the 2016 season - bountiful meals prepared by Great Performances, the city's premier catering and food service company, featuring organic Katchkie Farm vegetables.

Katchkie Farm is a year round organic farming operation located in Columbia County, New York that Great Performances established in 2007 as a catering industry first. It represents Great Performances' commitment to celebrating local flavors, as well as an investment in sustainable agriculture and good earth practices.

Another element that separates Katchkie Farm's from the CSA pack is that there is a program for delivering vegetables to member's offices, in addition to the traditional pick-up model. There are three locations in New York City: at GP's Mae Mae Café, on at 68 Vandam Street; Haven's Kitchen at 109 W. 17th Street and the Signature Theater at 480 W. 42nd Street.

To learn more about Katchkie Farm, visit: To inquire about signing up for Katchkie Farm's CSA, contact Suzannah Schneider at or call 212.337.6087. A full share for the 22-week season beginning the second week of June is $638, or just $29 a week. For other CSAs offering National CSA Signup Day incentives, check out the directory at

Photo Credit: courtesy of Katchkie Farm


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