Montblanc Kicks Off First U.S. Pop-Up Shop

Montblanc Kicks Off First U.S. Pop-Up Shop

Montblanc announced it will open its first U.S. pop-up shop during the Presidential Inauguration week in Washington, today, Jan. 18 to 22. Montblanc is partnering with the St. Regis hotel in Washington D.C., as well as publisher Thornwillow Press, to create an boutique. The in-lobby shop will offer a variety of leather goods, cuff links, signature pens and more. To celebrate President Obama's second inauguration, Montblanc is offering a bound book of Obama's first inaugural address.

Several other presidents, like Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, James Madison and John Adams, will also be featured in Montblanc's America's Signature for Freedom collection of limited-edition presidential pens.

Thornwillow Press has published a limited-edition, hand-printed letterpress book for the boutique called A Presidential Miscellany, and features highlights of past inaugurations. Another interesting feature - hotel guests and visitors will be encouraged to use Montblanc pens and stationary to participate in a letter-writing campaign to President Obama. The letters will then be delivered to the White House by St. Regis butlers.

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