Luise Ross Gallery Presents Gudjon Ketilsson, 3/29-5/5

Luise Ross Gallery Presents Gudjon Ketilsson, 3/29-5/5

Gudjon Ketilsson's art revolves around the human body in its presence as well as absence. Starting with the cranium, the sensuousness of hair is felt through his carved and painted sculptures. Continuing the corporal investigation, Ketilsson draws in exquisite detail, abstractly rendering elements of his own body. Further, he investigates the questionable and surprising beauty of skin diseases, in jewel-like watercolor.

In a major, segmented wall relief, the artist recreates only the headwear used in Brueghel's famous painting, The Peasant Wedding. These hats indicate the occupation of the wearer.

The body, Ketilsson feels, is the most classical subject of art and philosophy and never ceases to be of interest as it is the core of our existence. The body is everything and nothing, mysterious and yet scientifically mapped, fragile and strong.

This is Gudjon Ketilsson's first one person show in New York.

Title: Guðjón Ketilsson

Extensions of the Head: Sculpture – Works on paper

Dates: 29 March – 5 May 2012

Reception: 29 March 5 – 7 pm

Luise Ross Gallery
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