Detroit Gallery Invests In Weekly Gatherings Focused On Collaboration Of Creatives

Detroit Gallery Invests In Weekly Gatherings Focused On Collaboration Of Creatives

DETROIT, May 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ The focused, speedy recovery of the Motor City ignites a stunning decision bylocal, woman-owned gallery to pushbusinesses to the next level. The daily street vibe is sparking a faster pace. People are working together, combined with positive buzz, to trigger opportunity.

Presence II Productions Gallery Of Decorative Art and Design is featuring weekly, showcased collaborations. The campaign debuts May 15 th 2014 at 1274 Library Street Studio A1, from 6pm-9pm with world-renowned celebrity photographer, author and designer Linda Solomon.

Universally recognized for her images and book, "The Key", it is surprising to some to learn that Ms. Solomon is also an accomplished accessory designer. As a global collector, she often incorporates her discoveries in her creations. The first of the showcases will highlight all her talents with an emphasis on the incredible resources utilized within her collection. The collection will be exclusively represented at the gallery within Detroit. The intriguing pieces include jewelry, handbags and more, successfully merging vintage with the grandeur of natural stones from Mother Earth. For example, impressive components of turquoise create the handle for a 1930s pristine gator pocket book. Ms. Solomon embraces glamorous influences from the Deco era with a modern twist. The gallery, housed within an economic pillar from Detroit's historic fashion scene, continues a long tradition in featuring the iconic work of Ms. Solomon.

Ms. Solomon is an awe-inspiring woman. Throughout her lifelong career, she has passionately worked with others, giving opportunities to those in need. Her philanthropic spirit led her to begin Pictures of Hope, an important program that uses photography to inspire at-risk youth. Additionally, Ms. Solomon is one of a few selected each year to capture the "Oscars", photographing notable figures such as Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Muhammad Ali and many more. Her extensive works include not only celebrities, but also powerful personalities and grounded citizens of Detroit, who make an intense impact on society.

Presence II Productions Gallery of Decorative Art and Design, in collaboration with Ms. Solomon and others, is dedicated to downtown Detroit and beyond. This on-going series of Thursday weekly happenings will become a key part of supporting the up-swing growth in the City of Detroit.

SOURCE Presence II Productions

Detroit Gallery Invests In Weekly Gatherings Focused On Collaboration Of Creatives