Review Roundup - Jeremy Jordan, Melissa Benoist Star in CBS's SUPERGIRL

Review Roundup - Jeremy Jordan, Melissa Benoist Star in CBS's SUPERGIRLCBS's new action adventure series SUPERGIRL, starring GLEE's Melissa Benoist and Broadway's Laura Benanti and Jeremy Jordan, will have its series debut tonight, October 26th at 9:00 pm/ET. The show will then move into its regular time period, (8:00-9:00 PM) on Monday, November 2. (Click here to read BWW's recent exclusive interview with SUPERGIRL's Jeremy Jordan!)

Other cast members include Chyler Leigh, Calista Flockhart Mehcad Brooks and David Harewood.

Let's see what the critics have to say:

James Poniewozik, The New York Times: "Supergirl" is an average action show thus far, but its star is engaging. Kara's first mission, saving a burning jet about to crash, is the pilot's visual showpiece, but the most striking image is the glimpse you get of Ms. Benoist's face as she hangs upside down bringing the plane to safety. She's not just determined or straining - she's exhilarated.

Dominic Patten, Deadline: While it's good but not yet great TV, what makes Benoist and Supergirl all the more impressive is that not only does the show play with Berlanti's well-established formula on other WBTV/DC Comics properties such as The Flash and Arrow, but it also carries the weight of heavy expectations. Unlike the often-plodding 2013 movieMan Of Steel, Supergirl leans in toward the empowerment and quality of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series - a gold standard in many ways.

Robert Bianco, USA Today: The cast is good throughout, with Brooks and Jordan suitably supportive and Flockhart seemingly relishing her Devil Wears Prada role. But obviously, the show could not work if the blend of joy, shyness and hesitant self-assertion Benoist brings to her role did not seem just about perfect. Whether all that's enough for to bring in the number of viewers needed on CBS remains to be seen. But for now, you can sum up the series' start in one, obvious word. Super.

Mary McNamara, L.A. Times: What with the whole "Overcome Your Fears" storyline, the pilot of "Supergirl" can be forgiven for producing a fairly lame first villain, though one hopes it will not happen again. Villains make or break a super-hero tale, and we have come to expect conflicts that are fraught, clever and between equals; an evil general lurking in the shadows seems promising.

Brian Lowry, Variety: On the plus side, finding the right star, and constructing a credible pilot, are big parts of the battle. Thanks to those strengths, if the producers can sustain the playfulness and action without going overboard on Flockhart's character, there's reason to believe this "girl" can fly.

Jeff Jensen, Entertainment Weekly: If it never becomes anything more than a solid superhero genre show with a female lead, that's more than fine, especially since that lead is fantastic: The best counter to all my complaints is that Benoist makes it all work. The redeeming magic of perfect casting. Her performance embraces, internalizes, and sells the character's contradictions and paradoxes.

Matt Webb Mitovich, TV Line: Supergirl should and will be measured on its own merits, within the conceit it established - and at first blush CBS' atypical foray into this territory looks like a super-fun one, a possibly brilliant pick for a family friendly Monday lead-off spot.

Ned Ehrbar, The Wrap: What also makes little sense is the stunned reaction of the citizens of National City to a superhero, as this is a world where Superman is already a thing. But they get over it pretty quickly. Also, while they make a big deal about the cape for her costume, they never really explain why her suit needs a skirt. Anyway, clumsy start aside, it will be interesting to see where Supergirl and her far too large cast of supporting characters go from here

About SUPERGIRL: SUPERGIRL is an action-adventure drama based on the DC Comics character Kara Zor-El, Superman's (Kal-El) cousin who, after 12 years of keeping her powers a secret on Earth, decides to finally embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be. Twelve-year-old Kara escaped the doomed planet Krypton with her parents' help at the same time as the infant Kal-El. Protected and raised on Earth by her foster family, the Danvers, Kara grew up in the shadow of her foster sister, Alex, and learned to conceal the phenomenal powers she shares with her famous cousin in order to keep her identity a secret. Years later at 24, Kara lives in National City assisting media mogul and fierce taskmaster Cat Grant, who just hired the Daily Planet's former photographer, James Olsen, as her new art director. However, Kara's days of keeping her talents a secret are over when Hank Henshaw, head of a super-secret agency where her sister also works, enlists her to help them protect the citizens of National City from sinister threats. Though Kara will need to find a way to manage her newfound empowerment with her very human relationships, her heart soars as she takes to the skies as SUPERGIRL to fight crime.

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