GLEE's Kevin McHale Talks Final Season, Possible Reunion Tour?

GLEE's Kevin McHale Talks Final Season, Possible Reunion Tour?In a new interview with, Glee star Kevin McHale, who portrays Artie on the FOX musical dramedy, talked about the ending of the show and what the experience has meant to him.

"When it first came out, it wasn't huge from the get-go," says the actor of the show's freshman season. "It took a couple of months and it was basically by word of mouth. It's a testament to Ryan Murphy and everybody who put the show together because they really did create something special. When you're doing something like that and people are responding in such an overwhelmingly positive way, it makes you feel great about what you're doing... It went above and beyond anything we could have imagined."

Asked about how he is feeling emotionally as the show heads into its final season, McHale shares, "It'll be nice to end the show in a full circle kind of way where we all come back together. Because we worked our asses of at the beginning of that show, even just promoting it, and it'll be a bittersweet thing to be coming to an end so it'll be nice to all be together for it."

The actor still finds it a bit surreal that come next year, the show will no longer be a part of his life. "I can't imagine not doing it - it's going to be weird," he offers. "I've been doing it for going on six years so that will be the biggest change when I don't have to go there every day and get in my wheelchair. But at the same time, the show has given all of us amazing opportunities and we've gotten to experience a wide variety of once-in-a-lifetime, amazing things."

And what about the prospect of a Glee reunion in the near future? Says McHale, "There definitely won't be anything soon because we're still not done. We've always joked about when we're fifty we'll have a reunion tour, although nobody's going to want us to sing Don't Stop Believing after that long. I definitely won't rule out anything."

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Photo credit: Mike Yarish/FOX