StreamSend: Six Ways to Win at Email Marketing with Facebook

StreamSend: Six Ways to Win at Email Marketing with Facebook

StreamSend, a leading email marketing service provider and creator of the enhanced social marketing tool suite StreamSend Share 2.0, shows businesses how to make their Facebook page profitable with email marketing.

"We help our clients turn their Facebook presence into new business," said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. "Social works, but email marketing leverages that power to gather and nurture social contacts into lists of engaged customers. It's all about building lists using automatic social tools like share boards that save time and produce profitable results."

1. Launch it and Leave it
StreamSend Share users can write a piece once, then use email as a launchpad to send it, automatically make it a share tab, and schedule it to post to social sites like Facebook, share boards, or embed it into a blog. Set it up and off it goes.

2. Keep the Conversation Alive
Businesses can follow up opens automatically with, triggers, re-sends, re-shares and automatic pins to share boards. Those share boards collect followers who are automatically connected to the messages and senders can follow up automatically - and easily - with auto alerts.

3. Get out of the Garden
Social sites like Facebook may only show their posts to 10% of their audience, creating 'walled gardens' where information posted by users is blocked from the rest of the Web. Businesses can use a tool like StreamSend Share to move customers out of social "walled gardens" automatically onto their list by using widget forms in their pieces, sign up offers and auto alerts. Social share boards can then add a new dimension of contact and relevancy as senders connect their audience automatically with on-target messages that interest them most.

4. Keep it Fresh
Now your social posts can be emailed - automatically. Keep leveraging your presence on Facebook and other sites with social share boards that automatically send out your latest social posts to fans at regularly scheduled times, building those relationships with a steady stream of fresh communications that they welcome and value. Smart email should help nurture contacts into customers.

5. Step Right Up
If your email is getting attention, promote it. With Facebook ads as low as .10/day, businesses can feature their email in front of tightly targeted prospects with a high likelihood of interest in the offer.

6. Track it Down
Track your Facebook audience with email & social tools and use those statistics to keep improving your message. Automatically determine if a piece was viewed or a specific area clicked or viewed, including video. Track social shares to determine how many people viewed and shared your posts. Integrate Google analytics at every point to allow even further analysis. Businesses can track overall clicks, views and actions to optimize future campaigns according to audience preferences, producing targeted, higher ROI communications.

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StreamSend offers an easy-to-use, affordable and reliable email marketing service designed to help businesses maximize the reach of their marketing budget when sending an email newsletter or using Social Media. StreamSend offers a number of industry-leading standard pricing plans, private-label and affiliate programs and hands-on personal client service. Started in 1998, StreamSend is a leader in Email Marketing.

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