Creator of 'Go Dash Dot' Launches THE INFINITY BAG for Active Women

Creator of 'Go Dash Dot' Launches THE INFINITY BAG for Active Women

Creator of 'Go Dash Dot' Launches THE INFINITY BAG for Active Women

Hannah Fastov, the founder, CEO and creative director of dash dash dot dash dash dash, (or GO DASH DOT for short) has always had a flair for fashion, fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle. ( While she was living and working in Manhattan for 2 years, Hannah was tired of lugging several bags on the subway to accommodate her needs throughout the day. She carried a purse, gym bag, and briefcase. Despite her valiant effort to find the perfect bag that served all her needs, she was at a loss. She needed a bag to hold her dirty laundry from the gym, deodorant, shoes, snacks, lap top, wallet and cell phone. AND, she wanted it to be fashion forward. Hence the Infinity bag was borne.

After a rough morning of getting a strap of one of the three bags hanging from her shoulder stuck in the subway turn style, and dropping her lunch onto the floor, she knew it was time to take action.

The Infinity bag, was designed from a survey of active, on-the-go women to ensure the bag truly fits the needs of consumers. The bag includes a separate compartment for shoes or yoga mat, and a zipper that can release the bottom panel for a deeper bag when there are no shoes or mat to tote and more room is needed. The bag also features a snap in-snap out pouch that can double as a cross body bag or fanny pack with the additional adjustable strap included with every bag. There is also a detachable, machine washable laundry pouch, padded laptop section, water bottle holder, and lots of interior and exterior pockets. For a quick trip to the store or an evening out after work, the cross body bag is lightweight and attractive, and the perfect fashion accessory for the woman on the GO!

About The Company & The Charitable Mission to give back and empower women:

dash dash dot dash dash dash (or go dash dot for short) is a dynamic new brand in active wear accessories founded to provide women with functional, yet fashionable bags for on-the-go-living. Inspired by the hectic days of women who seek balanced lifestyles, Hannah Fastov, founder of go dash dot, and the force behind the brand, understands the needs of a demanding schedule and designs her products to add style and ease for the new demographic of healthy hustlers.

Additionally, she believes in self-empowerment for women and has partnered with women cooperatives all over the world whose mission it is to support independence and empowerment by providing skills and work opportunities to women in developing countries. Currently #GoDashDot works with the South Tribe in Kyrgyzstan and Sherab in Bhutan to incorporate their traditional crafts into the Infinity bag accessories line (straps and tassels) to personalize any go dash dot bag. Hannah is always in search of new artisans to support this mission by using their handiwork to enhance her designs.

Hannah Fastov is the founder, CEO and ceative director of Go Dash Dot.

She graduated from George Washington University with a degree in Art History and began her career in the fashion industry in merchandising and product development. Entrepreneurship has always been a passion; it was just a matter of time until she found the right opportunity. When she realized the need for the Infinity bag (or the bag that does everything) she started designing a functional, practical, and stylish bag that could accommodate her crazy days; dashing from the gym, to work, and to dinner with friends, without exposing her underwear to the public. Hannah currently lives in New York City and continues to work in product development for a large fashion company in addition to running her lifestyle brand, #GoDashDot.

The #GoDashDot mission is to provide products for the adventurous spirit of the modern, on the go woman who fearlessly strives to achieve her goals, never gives up and still manages to have fun along the way.

Go dash dot empowers women so they can move seamlessly from work to play with style and ease. Carrying the Infinity Bag takes logistics out of the equation and opens up precious time to focus on their passions!

What is Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash? It is the written version of - - . -- - which means "GO" in Morse code. Morse code is the universal language and the Infinity bag, in addition to any other bag/ product developed as the company grows, is universal. With functionality as one of the company pillars, everyone will always be ready to just "GO" with the bags.

Connect with Hannah Fastov and Dash Dash Dot Dash Dash Dash team:

IG & Twitter: @go_dashdot

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