New Yearly Harvest Produces Tahitian Baroque Necklaces from American Pearl

American Pearl has announced The company's introduction of its new yearly harvest Tahitian baroque multicolor necklaces. Each stunning, one-of-a-kind necklace is constructed from the same family of similar shaped and colored pearls found in this year's bounty. Each piece is expertly strung to showcase each different color in the pearls without repeating same-color sequences throughout the necklace. The result: a dazzling, wearable work of art available at The company's signature low, wholesale prices.

The formation of a Tahitian pearl is a magical, mesmerizing event. When an irritant – such as a shell fragment or parasite – enters the mouth of the Pinctada Margaritifera oyster, the mollusk retaliates against the foreign object by producing a crystalline substance called nacre. As long as the irritant remains in the oyster's mouth, it must continue to produce layer upon layer of nacre to protect itself from the perceived predator. When the irritant is completely encapsulated by the oyster's secretion of nacre, a pearl is born. Sometimes the pearl is perfectly round, and sometimes it is an intriguing, irregular shape boasting a dynamic spectrum of black, blue, gray, gold, green and aubergine hues. These Tahitian baroque pearls are some of the most after in the world.

American Pearl invites all of its customers to browse, or visit their showroom at 576 Fifth Ave., to witness this year's Tahitian baroque pearl necklace collection. Several AAA-quality, 10mm and up pieces are available.


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