JUICE Mobile Announces Launch of Nectar Mobile Platform

JUICE Mobile Announces Launch of Nectar Mobile Platform

JUICE Mobile, a leading independent mobile marketing and technology firm, today announced the launch of its new mobile platform Nectar.

"At JUICE we focus exclusively on the rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem and developing technology to solve problems in the space," says Neil Sweeney, president and CEO, JUICE Mobile. "Nectar is the first mobile platform in the world that acknowledges environment as an important variable in decision making and allocates impressions on factors other than price. We think Nectar is the alternative to traditional exchanges and demand/supply side platforms and is the first agnostic marketplace to balance the objectives of both publishers and advertisers in the same platform."

Platforms and exchanges being introduced into the mobile space are inherently biased toward one side of the sales equation. Additionally, their algorithms inevitably default to price arbitrage, ignoring the accepted principal that some environments are inherently worth more than others. The result of this fixation on price and the exploitation of price arbitrage has led to wide spread commoditization of inventory in the mobile space. Nectar solves this challenge by removing price from the allocation equation through the use of a proprietary algorithm that awards inventory through a combination of core marketing principles and machine learning - allowing the platform to become smarter through every execution.

Nectar allows publishers to set their own parameters and have complete visibility within the marketplace, allowing them to dynamically participate. "Postmedia chose to work with JUICE Mobile for mobile monetization due to their focus and expertise in the mobile space," said Yuri Machado, SVP, Digital Sales and 3i, Postmedia Network. "At Postmedia, we continue to expand our mobile advertising presence and exclusively using Nectar's platform to participate in mobile campaigns that are the best fit for our properties provides unparalleled visibility and control."

Nectar, which is being officially released at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, has emerged from a private beta to a full release with a number of JUICE Mobile's exclusive premium publishers currently participating in the platform.

Visit www.juicemobile.org/nectar or www.juicemobile.org for more information.