Magic: The Gathering Creators and New Game Town Launch Gossip Trivia Game HOT STREAK

Magic: The Gathering Creators and New Game Town Launch Gossip Trivia Game HOT STREAK

New Game Town (NGT), the HTML5 mobile social game developer, has launched a new gossip trivia game, "Hot Streak." The game concept was developed by Richard Garfield and G. Skaff Elias, famous for creating Magic: The Gathering with design and development by New Game Town. In Hot Streak, players compete against each other to answer a series of multiple choice opinion questions with the goal of guessing what the most popular answer will be.

"New Game Town is a frontrunner in the production, development and marketing of HTML 5 mobile social games and is in a very good position to make Hot Streak the next big hit," said Richard Garfield. "Mobile gaming is the new frontier for the gaming industry and this game has the qualities that players invest time and money in."

In Hot Streak, players strive to get the longest winning streak possible while competing against the other contestants they are up against. Players are able to win prizes based on the length of their streak. Users can also find and invite friends to play the game as well as send and receive gifts, and view friends' records. Players can earn medals, achievements and a place on the leader board based on their performance in the game. Hot Streak players can earn or purchase the ability to select multiple answers when they run into the occasional tough question and keep their streak alive.

"It has been a great experience in the mobile gaming field to work on this product with New Game Town," said G. Skaff Elias. "Without a doubt this game will be a great success."

"It has been great to work creatively with renowned game developers like Richard and Skaff Elias," said Jeremy Wang, CTO of New Game Town. "We are very happy to be able to offer our players a high quality HTML5 game like Hot Streak."

Hot Streak and other NGT games are available through the MocoSpace Games Platform.

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