Ellyn Marie Marsh Biography

Also Credited As:
  • Ellyn Marsh

    Gender: Female

    @ellynmarsh - 9/2/15 11:10pm Quick show of hands: If all of my twitter follwrs send me like $5 I can see @HamiltonMusical everyday for forever. Are we all cool w/ that?

    @ellynmarsh - 9/2/15 09:33pm What did @Lin_Manuel say in his tony speech? "I don't believe in....but I believe in chris Jackson?" What was it? CHRIS JACKSON IS UNREAL.


    Ellyn Marie Marsh Biography

    Gender: Female

    Broadway: Kinky Boots, Enron, Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Lots of other fun stuff along the way. Thank you to this hilarious and talented cast and creative team. Everything made possible by my husband Travas and daughter Lola. Thanks: Telsey Casting. Twitter: @ellynmarsh


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