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Scoop: Food Network Fires Up The Competition This June, See What Is To Come Next Month

Scoop: Food Network Fires Up The Competition This June, See What Is To Come Next Month Food Network starts off summer with sizzling new seasons of favorite series and exciting finales. Chefs Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence decide which celebrity is the best of the worst in the WORST COOKS IN AMERICA: CELEBRITY EDITION grand finale on Sunday, June 2nd at 9pm, where the winner wins $25,000 for the charity of their choice. Then, it is a four-episode wedding cake extravaganza as hosts Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are back with six duos of THE WORLD'S BEST professional wedding cake bakers in a stunning new season of Wedding Cake Championship, premiering Monday, June 3rd at 10pm. Next, it is a race to the finish as THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE returns with a new batch of teams with food truck dreams heading out on the road IN SEARCH OF glory with host Tyler Florence on the season premiere Sunday, June 9th at 9pm. Then, find out whose exquisite creations reign supreme on the grand finale of BEST BAKER IN AMERICA when THE WINNER IS crowned on Monday, June 24th at 9pm. Plus, don't miss new episodes of Beat Bobby Flay, Bite Club, Chopped, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, GUY'S GROCERY GAMES and Triple D Nation. In daytime, travel to Italy for a delicious food excursion with Giada De Laurentiis in the season premiere of GIADA IN ITALY on Sunday, June 16th at 11:30am. Also in daytime, catch premieres of Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, TRISHA'S SOUTHERN KITCHEN and Valerie's Home Cooking. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat Discover.


Beat Bobby Flay
Premiering Thursday, June 6th at 10pm - "Give Me Some Mo!"
The kitchen is mo' fun when Sunny Anderson and Katie Lee decide who will take on Bobby Flay. Puerto Rican chef Andre Gomez and Dominican chef Ramon Perez duke it out in THE KITCHEN for their shot at the master.
Premiering Thursday, June 13th at 10pm - "Grind It Out!"
Los Angeles chef Michael Voltaggio and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk know they can't skate through this competition. They bring in Sichuan master Pablo Zitzmann and young gun Ming Pu to attempt to kick-flip Bobby Flay out of his arena.
Premiering Thursday, June 20th at 10pm - "Chi-Town Throws Down!"
Actress Sophia Bush and Chef Carla Hall decide which Windy City chef, Aaron Cuschieri or Jill Barron, has what it takes to blow Bobby Flay out of the arena.
Premiering Thursday, June 27th at 10pm - "Double Trouble"
It's up to the dynamic duo of Daphne Oz and Damaris Phillips to decide who has the skill to paint Bobby Flay out of the picture as chef and artist Enrique Limardo goes up against Southwestern chef Jeff Smedstad in an all-out culinary battle.

Online, find out what it takes to Beat Bobby Flay, where Food Network's own chefs reveal the skills and tactics needed to defeat Bobby. You can also check out behind-the-scenes photos and videos, relive highlights, tour the set and much more. Join the conversation with #BeatBobbyFlay.

Best Baker in America
Premiering Monday, June 3rd at 9pm - "Classic French Pastries Reinvented"
Host Scott Conant challenges the six bakers left in the competition to recreate a beloved French classic, the eclair. For the Master Challenge, the competitors have to reimagine a classic French entremet cake using almond as the featured flavor. French pastry chef Florian Bellanger joins judges Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid to decide which baker is sent home.
Premiering Monday, June 10th at 9pm - "Themed Desserts: Toy Story 4"
The five remaining bakers start by making Toy Story-themed mini desserts perfect for a movie premiere party. For the Master Challenge, host Scott Conant challenges the competitors to each choose a character from Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 to replicate in cake, and they have to include a flavor that speaks to the spirit of their character. Pastry chef Shinmin Li joins judges Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid to eliminate one baker from the competition.
Premiering Monday, June 17th at 9pm - "Tiny and Tall Desserts"
It's the last chance to get into the finale, and host Scott Conant challenges the four remaining bakers to make miniature versions of two pastry classics. In the Master Challenge, they each create a tall dessert of their choosing with at least 12 solid layers and sesame as the featured flavor. Pastry chef Nancy Silverton joins judges Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid to decide which three bakers move on to the finale.
Premiering Monday, June 24th at 9pm -"All-American Birthday Bash: Chocolate-Flavored" - SEASON FINALE!
The pressure mounts in the chocolate-themed finale as host Scott Conant challenges the three remaining bakers to create grown-up versions of a brownie sundae. Then the Master Challenge is to make a Happy Birthday USA chocolate fireworks cake to celebrate July 4th! The elaborately decorated cake for 100 people must feature fireworks-themed chocolate and sugar decorations, three types of chocolate and two types of macarons with salty snacks as the featured ingredient. Bakery owner Elizabeth Chambers joins judges Jason Smith and Marcela Valladolid to choose the winner of the title Best Baker in America.

Online, meet the newest batch of bakers and see photos of their creations. Plus, get Jason Smith's best baking tips, along with exclusive content from Jason, Scott Conant, Marcela Valladolid, and the guest judges. Follow the baking action using #BestBakerinAmerica.

Bite Club
Premiering Tuesday, June 4th at 10pm - "Mediterranean Mess with Texas"
In Dallas, flavors collide when Tyler Florence brings Mexican, Laotian and American chefs to a local Mediterranean hot spot to duke it out for the title of BITE CLUB Champion. In round one, the chefs use a giant wood-fired grill to tackle poblano peppers and pancetta. But time is not on their side for the second challenge when they must cook dishes combining ruby red grapefruit, quail eggs and brisket in under 30 minutes.

Online, get Tyler's tips and tricks for his best recipes. Plus, follow #BiteClub on Food Network's social media channels to take Tyler's behind-the-scenes tours of the restaurants

Premiering Tuesday, June 4th at 9pm - "Just Add Cheese!"
Comfort food connoisseurs and gourmands alike know that any dish can benefit from a slice, a melt or a sprinkling of cheese! In this special competition, every basket is filled with cheesy yumminess including an unusual take on a Philadelphia classic in the first round. The chefs must work with a crunchy cringe-worthy surprise in addition to a fancy Spanish cheese in the entree round. And a cheese-tastic tower is one of the building blocks for the finalists' desserts.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Alex Guarnaschelli, Marcus Samuelsson, Liz Thorpe
Premiering Tuesday, June 11th at 9pm - "Sweets: Team Ice Cream"
Four chefs set out to prove that ice cream can work well in two savory courses. A scoop is sandwiched in the middle of an indulgent ingredient in the first basket. Then a unique ice cream flavor at the center of an unusual dish is the big surprise in the second basket. And the judges have high hopes for the much-anticipated ice cream dessert round.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Scott Conant, Tyler Malek, Chris Santos
Premiering Tuesday, June 18th at 9pm - "Holy Bologna!"
Four chefs are forced to get creative from the start when they find a kitschy, oddball cake and an unusual hybrid veggie in their appetizer baskets. An offal surprise and a fun fungus dish keep things interesting in round two. In the final round, an ice cream mishap leaves one of the chefs scrambling to put a key lime dessert together.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Amanda Freitag, Geoffrey Zakarian
Premiering Tuesday, June 25th at 9pm - "Plum Fantastic"
As the competition kicks off, the chefs are challenged with making appetizers using a delicate herb and a playful take on potatoes. When the chefs get a strange Italian street food in the entree basket, they must do as the Neapolitans do. And the judges hope the Dutch baby pancake and sour plums in the dessert basket will spark some delicious creativity.
Host: Ted Allen Judges: Scott Conant, Marcus Samuelsson, Geoffrey Zakarian

Online, get to know the competitors, browse photos of the action, and watch video highlights. Tell us your ideas for cooking with the mystery basket ingredients using #Chopped.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives & Triple D Nation
Premiering Friday, June 7th at 9pm - "Triple D Nation: From Pork to Pot Pie"
Guy Fieri starts things off internationally as he brings the whole family to his favorite jerk joint in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Then it's back to the States, where a cafeteria in Tucker, Ga. hasn't changed a thing -- including its true Southern staples. In Austin, Texas, a sandwich spot has a new name and a new location, but the food is still out-of-bounds, and finally, a barbecue hot spot is seriously smokin' in Salt Lake City.
Premiering Friday, June 14th at 9pm - "British, Hawaiian and Mexican"
This trip, Guy Fieri's grabbing grub from all around the globe! In Wilmington, Delaware, there's a true British pub serving authentic English staples from fish and chips to Yorkshire Pudding. Next, a poke counter is dishing out a Hawaiian classic with an updated twist in Kauai. Finally, a real-deal Mexican spot in San Diego is spicing up shrimp and going extra with burritos.
Premiering Friday, June 21st at 9pm - "Standout Seafood"
Guy Fieri's reeling in all kinds of standout seafood! There's a restaurant-market in Vancouver that's combining sustainability with killer cooking including their bouillabaisse and salmon fish and chips. Next, a local fresh-catch institution in Kauai, Hawaii, is putting out prime-time poke and amazing ahi. Finally, a raw bar in Chico, California, is cooking up Asian flavors with their Thai steamer specialty and their unique spin on a Korean classic.
Premiering Friday, June 28th at 9pm - "Triple D Nation: Guy's Going Home"
On this trip, Guy Fieri's hittin' up some of his favorite hometown haunts. First, he pops into a Mexican joint right in his Santa Rosa, California, 'hood, where he chows on the pozole every time he's off the road. Then in Eureka, California, near where Guy grew up, a pizzeria is still bringing authentic New York pie to the West Coast. Finally, it's off to Las Vegas and an old college hangout where strombolis still reign supreme.

Online, go behind-the-scenes with Guy, check out full recipes and scan the best DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DIVES across the country. Hop along for THE RIDE on Twitter with #DDD.

Guy's Grocery Games
Premiering Wednesday, June 5th at 9pm -"Home Cooks!"
For anyone who has ever said, "Hey, I can do that!," Guy Fieri brings four confident home cooks to Flavortown to prove they can actually cook like GGG's finest chefs. He tests their shopping, cooking and presentation skills in three classic GGG games, and in the end, only one home cook beats the others to bring home the bacon with a shopping spree worth up to $20,000.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Amanda Freitag, Carl Ruiz, Justin Warner
Premiering Wednesday, June 12th at 9pm -"GGG Winners and Their Dads"
For Father's Day, Guy Fieri brings three GGG winners back to compete against each other, but this time they're teaming up with their dads. First, Guy has the teams race to the register to determine how many ingredients they can use to make their childhood favorites. Then he brings things home with a classic game of bowling to determine which of his son's favorite snacks must be included in the teams' favorite dish for Dad. In the end, only one team gets to shop Flavortown Market for up to $20,000.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Troy Johnson, Beau MacMillan, Damaris Phillips
Premiering Wednesday, June 19th at 9pm -"All Stars' Full Meal"
When celebrity chefs come to Flavortown, Guy Fieri gets to try out his most twisted games, and this time he's really putting them to the test with full, three-course meals for all-star competitors Richard Blais, Antonia Lofaso and Beau MacMillan. First, the all-star chefs must incorporate a special ingredient of Guy's choosing into their international meal. Then, a game of chance determines the parameters that the all-stars must adhere to when creating their three-course chef's dinner. The competition is stiff, and only one all-star comes out on top with an automatic $15,000.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Robert Irvine, Troy Johnson, Aarti Sequeira
Premiering Wednesday, June 26th at 9pm -"Kitchen Heroes"
Charity is important at Flavortown Market, where most of the unused food is donated to local food shelters after each competition. With that in mind, Guy Fieri decides to showcase chefs who are giving back to their own communities every day -- and enjoy a little competition, too. He challenges the chefs to flip a dessert into a high-end dinner, and then they have to create customer favorites with crazy ingredients. THE KITCHEN hero who wins the final round gets to shop Flavortown for up to $20,000.
Host: Guy Fieri Judges: Damaris Phillips, Jet Tila, Michael Voltaggio

Online, learn more about the judges, see photo highlights and test your knowledge of Flavortown Market. Fans can share which games are their favorite using #GroceryGames.

The Great Food Truck Race- Premieres Sunday, June 9th at 9pm - SEASON PREMIERE!
The Great Food Truck Race is headed to the beach as host Tyler Florence welcomes nine new teams of truck operators for the adventure of a lifetime. Each week, the teams will race to a new town to face new challenges, cook incredible dishes and, as always, try to outsell the competition. The team that earns the least has to sail off into the sunset, but two teams will hang ten until the end and square off for the $50,000 prize.

Online, meet the teams and browse photo highlights of the competition. Plus, find out where Tyler eats when he's not on set as he explores the local food scenes on The Great Food Truck Race: The Extra Mile. Share who you think should take home the grand prize on social media using the hashtag #GreatFoodTruckRace.

Wedding Cake Championship- Premieres Monday, June 3rd at 10pm - SEASON PREMIERE!
In this four-episode competition series hosted by Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, a new batch of elite bakers face extreme requests from special guests and real-life couples that test the limits of their skill and creativity. Judging the action week-to-week are baking extraordinaire Kimberly Bailey, Chopped's Maneet Chauhan, and SAY YES TO THE DRESS host Randy Fenoli.The team to rise above will earn a $25,000 grand prize and the title of Wedding Cake Champion!
Premiering Monday, June 3rd at 10pm -"Puppet Love"
Six of America's best baking duos begin their quest for wedding cake domination and the $25,000 prize as hosts Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir hit them with their first challenge: creating a cake topper that showcases a city of love. In the cake round, the bakers must create a dream wedding cake for Andrea and Jered, a couple of professional puppeteers who want a blend of a traditional wedding design for her and a puppet theme for him. The couple chooses their favorite cake to have at their wedding, and expert judges Kimberly Bailey, Maneet Chauhan and Randy Fenoli decide which team is sent home.
Premiering Monday, June 10th at 10pm -"Live to Dance"
Hosts Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir challenge the five baking teams to make a cake topper that's an ode to music. Then the teams meet their clients, Ashley and Phil, who got engaged while dancing. Phil posted the video online, and it went viral with more than 3 million views! The bakers are tasked with creating a wedding cake that reflects the couple's love of dance and showcases Ashley's favorite flavor, cheesecake. The couple chooses their dream wedding cake, and judges Kimberly Bailey, Maneet Chauhan and Randy Fenoli surprise everyone when they name the team that's going home.
Premiering Monday, June 17th at 10pm -"A Tale of Two Stephanies"
The first challenge for the four remaining teams is to create cake toppers that pay homage to online dating. Then hosts Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir introduce the bakers to their clients, Stephanie and Stephanie, a couple with the same name who met online. The bakers are challenged with combining Stephanie P.'s love of nature with Stephanie L.'s fondness for steampunk. As for flavor, they both love peanut butter and chocolate but ask the bakers to surprise them with a twist. Judges Kimberly Bailey, Maneet Chauhan and Randy Fenoli decide which three teams move on to the finale.
Premiering Monday, June 24th at 10pm -"Ashley I. and Jared" - SEASON FINALE!
In the grand finale, the last three teams of bakers start by making lifelike flower cake toppers. For their final cake challenge, the teams must bake epic cakes that exude New England glam for Ashley I. and Jared, two lovebirds who fell for each other in front of the world on Bachelor in Paradise. Judges Kimberly Bailey, Maneet Chauhan and Randy Fenoli make the final decision of which team wins $25,000 and is crowned the Wedding Cake Champions.

Online, catch competition highlights, meet the competitors, and watch exclusive videos with the hosts and judges, and weigh in on your favorites using #WeddingCakeChampionship.

Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition
Premiering Sunday, June 2nd at 9pm- "Celebrity: That's a Wrap" - SEASON FINALE!
In the final week of boot camp, mentors Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence want to remind their celebrity recruits just how far they've come. After watching a highlight reel of their not-so-finest moments, the final two celebrities are asked to recreate their baseline dishes using all the techniques they've learned over the past six weeks. For the final challenge, the two finalists must create a three-course meal for culinary experts Leah Cohen, Zac Posen and Melba Wilson, who decide which celebrity takes home $25,000 for the charity of their choice.

Online, learn more about the famous faces competing for kitchen glory. Plus, browse photos from the challenges and take quizzes to improve your cooking. Follow #WorstCooks on our social channels to watch Tyler and Anne go head-to-head in fun challenges and see behind-the-scenes interviews with the recruits.


Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like A Pro
Premiering Sunday, June 2nd at 11:30am- "Cook Like a Pro: Herbs All Ways"
Ina Garten is cooking with her favorite herbs and sharing tips for turning up the flavor. She incorporates rosemary, oregano and mint in her Pork Souvlaki with Radish Tzatziki and Pitas for an easy dinner. Dill, chives and basil shine in her Heirloom Tomatoes with Herbed Ricotta, and there's more basil plus parsley in Parmesan Pesto Zucchini Sticks. Finally, thyme is the magic ingredient in Warm Marinated Olives, and Ina offers tips for growing and storing herbs.
Premiering Sunday, June 9th at 11:30am- "Cook Like a Pro: Cook with a Pro"
Ina Garten gets a cooking masterclass with three amazing professional chefs. Pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz teaches Ina how to make the most incredible Roasted Carrot Tart, and Parisian chef Marie-Aude Rose shares her secrets to making perfect Crepes and Chocolate Sauce. Chef Missy Robbins reveals the secrets of pasta as she makes Fettucine with Buffalo Butter and Parmigiano Reggiano using just a handful of ingredients.

Online, get Ina's top recipes and essential cooking tips. Share photos of your best kitchen creations inspired by Ina using #BarefootContessa.

Giada in Italy - Premieres Sunday, June 16th at 11:30am SEASON PREMIERE!
Follow Giada De Laurentiis to the beautiful island of Capri, a magical spot off the Amalfi Coast of Italy where Giada has shared many vacations with family and friends. This trip is a special one has she digs into some of her family favorites from Southern Italy to prepare a celebration in honor of her Grandfather, Dino De Laurentiis and what would have been his 100th birthday. Giada is inspired by the fresh flavors, vibrant colors and fragrances of Capri and creates recipes along with the help of her daughter, Jade, mom, Veronica and Aunt Raffy. Giada's gorgeous meals throughout her stay infuse the history of her family on the island and inspire her to create new memories with food and fun.
Premiering Sunday, June 16th at 11:30am- "The Flavors of Capri"
Giada De Laurentiis heads to Capri, a picturesque island off Italy's Amalfi Coast where she and her family have vacationed for many years. In this special spot, Giada enjoys lunch with her daughter, Jade, and highlights the flavors of the island in her menu of Aglio E Olio with Peas and Prosciutto, Fritto Misto, Mista Salad and Lemon Crepes with Almond Mascarpone.
Premiering Sunday, June 23rd at 11:30am- "Giada and Raffy's Family Favorite"
Giada De Laurentiis and her Aunt Raffy love to get together in THE KITCHEN and create some of their favorite family recipes. In honor of Nonno Dino's upcoming 100th birthday, they create a multi-step Italian dish that was one of his favorites, a Timballo Genovese.
Premiering Sunday, June 30th at 11:30am- "La Dolce Vita"
On Capri, Giada De Laurentiis makes a beautiful picnic to celebrate la dolce vita, or the sweet life, by the water with her daughter and mother. The menu features Amalfi Lemon Chicken, Grilled Plum and Pistachio Salad, Pan-Fried Zucchini with Anchovy Vinaigrette and Grilled Shrimp with Peach Cocktail Sauce.

Online, get Giada's authentic Italian recipes and browse behind-the-scenes photos. Share your favorite recipes on social media using #GiadaInItaly.

The Kitchen - Saturdays at 11am
Premiering Saturday, June 1st at 11am - "Picnic Perfect"
The Kitchen is creating the perfect picnic with dishes that are easy to prep and pack. Jeff Mauro makes the ideal sandwich for a crowd, his Sausage Muffuletta, and Katie Lee shares simple tips for quick pickles. Sunny Anderson and Geoffrey Zakarian remix cornbread mix with two tasty supermarket twists, and Chef Eden Grinshpan stops by to make a Grain and Sour Cherry Salad. Katie shares her secret ingredient for the best chocolate chip cookies ever, and the hosts share their favorite ideas to picnic like a pro.

Online, access all the co-hosts' cooking short-cuts, recipes and tips. Whether you need menu inspiration for an upcoming party or want to remake the ingredients already stowed in your pantry, has you covered. Also, bookmark new recipes and advice, browse behind-the-scenes photos, take audience polls and much more. Join the conversation in #TheKitchen.

The Pioneer Woman
Premiering Saturday, June 1st at 10am - "No Cooking Required"
Ree Drummond is playing around with fabulous fuss-free food with no cooking required. She puts a cowboy spin on her Ranch Muffuletta Sandwich with Spicy Olive Spread, and a rotisserie chicken is the secret to her Chinese Chicken Salad with Ginger and Chili Dressing. She makes Shrimp Pesto Spring Rolls with Quick Pesto Dipping Sauce and Simple Lemon Dressing and finishes things off with magical Mermaid Ice Cream.
Premiering Saturday, June 15th at 10am - "Dad's Dinner Delivery"
Ree Drummond and her son, Todd, are delivering dinner to her dad and stepmom, so Ree makes an Italian meal of Creamy Chicken Cacciatore Soup, Parmesan Herb Drop Biscuits and Italian Salad with Parmesan Crisps and Green Olive Dressing. For dessert, she makes a truly decadent Dark Chocolate Cheesecake that she knows her chocoholic dad will love.
Premiering Saturday, June 29th at 10am - "Ask Me Anything: Cookout"
Ree Drummond is answering cookout questions from friends and Pawhuska locals. She shares a Chicken Fajita Salad and Cilantro Lime Dressing arranged on a board as a stunning centerpiece, plus Pepperoni Potato Salad and Southern Panzanella. Ree also makes Grilled Sheet Pan S'mores and spills the beans on all things cookout-related.

Online, find all Ree's recipes, watch exclusive video tours of the Drummond ranch and town, peek inside her kitchen and watch full episodes. Join the conversation with #PioneerWoman.

Trisha's Southern Kitchen
Premiering Saturday, June 1st at 12pm- "Fridays with Delilah"
After sitting down for an interview with radio personality Delilah to promote her new album, Trisha Yearwood invites the famous host to her home to enjoy a night in with her girlfriends. Her menu features Broccoli Cheddar Mac n' Cheese, Brown Butter Honey Cookie Bars, French Onion Dip Popcorn, Mini Meatball Sliders and Frozen Ice Pops.
Premiering Saturday, June 8th at 12pm- "Southern Fusion"
Trisha Yearwood invites her friend Sarah Gavigan -- owner of Japanese pub-style restaurant Bar Otaku -- to her home for a Japanese-infused Southern meal. Her menu features Smashed Cucumber Salad, Ramen-Inspired Soup with Soy Marinated Eggs, Glazed Veggie Skewers and Japanese Breaded Pork Cutlets with Sweet Tomato Soy Sauce.
Premiering Saturday, June 15th at 12pm- "Ashley Buys a House"
Trisha Yearwood and her sister Beth are preparing a travel-friendly meal derived from basic pantry staples to serve as a house-warming welcome for her niece. Her menu includes Grilled Yellow Tomato and Pepper Gazpacho, Instapot Sausage Lasagna, Veggie Ribbon Salad with Any-Nut Herb Pesto and Jam Tart with Salted Butter Cracker Crust.
Premiering Saturday, June 22nd at 12pm- "Music City with Jeff Mauro"
Trisha Yearwood gives her pal Jeff Mauro the inside scoop on what makes the MUSIC CITY sing by taking him to the Nashville club where she first got signed. Together they cook up a hearty Southern brunch that includes Ham and Veggie Quiche with Hash Brown Crust, Breakfast Burgers with French Toast Buns, Pickled Okra Bloody Marys and Pecan Sticky Buns with Bacon Caramel.
Premiering Saturday, June 29th at 12pm- "Rosé All Day with GZ"
Trisha Yearwood invites Geoffrey Zakarian over for a proper Southern throwdown filled with tasty apps and his signature magnum of Rose. Her menu includes Pork Ribs with Sun-Dried Tomato Glaze, Raspberry Cream Puffs, Mini Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream and Pepper Jelly, Whipped Cheese Endive Spears and GZ's White Russian "Munich Style."

Online, find all Trisha's southern-style recipes, watch highlights from the show, tour her Nashville kitchen and go behind the scenes. Join the conversation on Twitter using #SouthernKitchen

Valerie's Home Cooking
Premiering Sunday, June 2nd at 11am- "Food! Friends! Fun!"
Valerie Bertinelli's good friends and cutthroat card competitors, Kevin and Kristen, are visiting for a long weekend. In order to spend as much time with them as she can, Valerie is prepping all her comfort foods in advance. Her menu includes Make-Ahead Turkey and Swiss Sandwiches with Carrot Slaw, Layered Chopped Salad with Homemade Ranch, Barbecue Potato Chips and Make-Ahead Chicken Tetrazzini. The gang sips on Valerie's Sangria as they enjoy their time together.
Premiering Sunday, June 9th at 11am- "Celebrating Wolf's First Solo Album"
Valerie Bertinelli's son, Wolf, is hitting the road to promote his first solo album, and Valerie celebrates with best friends, family, and his favorite homecooked meal: Cedar Plank Salmon with Grilled Cherry Tomatoes, Mini Crab Cakes with Mustard Crème Fraiche, Brown Butter Sautéed Spinach with Lemon, and Vanilla Cake with Swiss Vanilla Buttercream.
Premiering Sunday, June 16th at 11am- "Payback Day"
Valerie Bertinelli is rewarding her hardworking crew for standing by as she and her guests have eaten their way through more than 500 dishes on Valerie's Home Cooking. As a thank you, she creates special treats just for them, starting with Marinated Lamb Chops and Zoodle Panzanella. She also makes Honey Rosemary Snack Mix and Chocolate Marble Love Cake to show some love to the new dads on the crew.
Premiering Sunday, June 23rd at 11am- "Pasta Perfect"
Inspired by a cooking class she took in Italy, Valerie Bertinelli invites her Italian hosts and friends over for a meal of Italian classics done her way. They sip Rummy Roman Holiday cocktails while enjoying Zucchini Rollatini and Homemade Pici Pasta with Carbonara Sauce. For dessert, Valerie dishes out a decadent Tiramisu.
Premiering Sunday, June 30th at 11am- "Backyard Beach Party"
Valerie Bertinelli has enjoyed many wonderful summer meals on the shores of the Pacific, and she's welcoming the warm weather with an Italian-style backyard beach party with her family. She makes Fried Clams with White and Red Sauces, Antipasto Pasta Salad and Mom's Sub Sandwiches. For dessert, she creates Frozen Firework Pops with Watermelon and Pineapple Stars and Stripes.

Online, get new recipes, browse photos and learn more about Valerie's favorite things. Join the conversation using #HomeCooking


Father's Day/Dad Food Weekend- Saturday, June 15th 7am-1pm & Sunday, June 16th 7am-2pm
It's a family affair on Food Network when the chefs serve up some Dad food favorites. New episodes include:
Premiering Saturday, June 15th at 10am- The Pioneer Woman- "Dad's Dinner Delivery"
Premiering Saturday, June 15th at 11am-The Kitchen
Premiering Saturday, June 15th at 12pm- Trisha's Southern Kitchen- "Ashley Buys a House"
Premiering Sunday, June 16th at 11am - Valerie's Home Cooking- "Payback Day"
Premiering Sunday, June 16th at 11:30am- Giada in Italy- "The Flavors of Capri"

Summer Party Weekend- Saturday, June 29th 7am-1pm & Sunday, June 30th 7am- 2pm
Get your summer party started right with a full weekend lineup of Food Network chef's seasonal tips. Premiere episodes include:
Premiering Saturday, June 29th at 10am- The Pioneer Woman- "Ask Me Anything: Cookout"
Premiering Saturday, June 29th at 11am- The Kitchen
Premiering Saturday, June 29th at 12pm- Trisha's Southern Kitchen- "Rosé All Day with GZ"
Premiering Sunday, June 30th at 11am - Valerie's Home Cooking- "Backyard Beach Party"
Premiering Sunday, June 30th at 11:30am- Giada in Italy- "La Dolce Vita"

Grilling Central is the ultimate summer destination. Whether for an outdoor barbecue or a casual weeknight meal, has got recipes and tips to make this the best summer yet.

Summer Entertaining: Find all the seasonal recipes needed for casual get-togethers, last-minute fetes, potlucks, barbecues and picnics.
Summer Produce Guide: Cook with the freshest summer produce, like zucchini, tomatoes, watermelon and peaches with in-season recipes and tips from Food Network chefs.
Weeknight Dinners: Summer: Get weekday dinners on the table, fast, with easy recipes for chicken, pasta, fish, tacos and salads, plus simple summer sides and desserts.
Father's Day: Make Dad's day special with a homemade brunch, breakfast or dinner featuring favorite recipes like grilled steak, wings, pork chops, chicken and waffles and bacon cookies.

FOOD NETWORK ( is a unique lifestyle network, website and magazine that connects viewers to the power and joy of food. The network strives to be viewers' best friend in food and is committed to leading by teaching, inspiring, empowering and entertaining through its talent and expertise. Food Network is distributed to nearly 100 million U.S. households and draws over 46 million unique web users monthly. Since launching in 2009, Food Network Magazine's rate base has grown 13 times and is the No. 2 best-selling monthly magazine on the newsstand, with 13.5 million readers. Food Network is owned by Discovery, Inc., a global leader in real life entertainment spanning 220 countries and territories; the portfolio also includes Discovery Channel, HGTV, TLC, Investigation Discovery, and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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