Town Stages Announces the Second Annual Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellows

By: Jan. 22, 2019

Town Stages Announces the Second Annual Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellows

Town Stages is proud to announce the 2019 slate of recipients of the annual Sokoloff Creative Arts Fellowship: Charlotte Arnoux & Alex Parrish, Nikko Benson, Éamon Boylan, Maximus DeFrancesco, Molly Powers Gallagher, Tess Howsam, Rachel Lin, Anna Lublina, Lacy Marie Meyer, Ben Moniz, Marina Montesanti, Zach Morris, Mark Murray, Tara O'Con, Noah Reece, Tidtaya Sinutoke, Alex Spieth, Jeff Tang, Greg Taubman, The Mother Line Story Project, Will Thomason, Isaac L. Thompson Jr, Rebecca Vineyard, and Emma Rosa Went.

Town Stages is home to this unique Fellowship Program for artists, entrepreneurs, writers, content creators, movers, shakers, and makers of all kinds. The 2019 Arts Fellows receive access to Sokoloff Arts' executive staff and community of collaborators for development and execution; free work space to host meetings, develop, write, practice and collaborate; subsidized presentation and performance space; and a cohort of contemporaries to provide support and feedback.

Since 2012, Sokoloff Arts has been dedicated to telling artists' stories and sharing their passions. In collaboration with Town Stages, TriBeCa's premier cultural arts space and event venue, Sokoloff Arts is excited to continue to offer artists a home for the life cycle of their projects, a platform for their next phases of development, and an ultimate pipeline to success.

In its inaugural year, Town Stages supported 28 Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellowship recipients, representing 59 creative members. Fellows have taken advantage of approximately 1000 hours of subsidized space - more than half of which was provided for free. These Fellowships helped create 125 job opportunities throughout the year.

A female-driven cultural arts institution, Town Stages is a state-of-the-art, flexible performance and event space with a stunning 10,000 square foot storefront facility. With a Main Hall, a Cocktail Lounge and Bar, a Gallery, and many multi-use rooms with a total capacity of 299, Town Stages offers much needed space and production resources for businesses, arts organizations, producers, and families. Creative Fellowship recipients are encouraged to immerse themselves in the bustling energy of Town by working in shared spaces when the venue is partially booked, take advantage of underutilized space between large bookings, and enjoy generous space subsidies for all kinds of projects

"We were so lucky to have such an incredible group of makers go on this journey with us in our first year," said Chie Morita, Deputy Director at Town Stages and Coordinator of the Fellowship Program. "Although we had some structure in place, we were building the program from the ground up, piece by piece, and Town was still covered in sawdust! I will never stop learning from each year of Fellows, but 2018 taught me tremendous things about how people congregate, build creative rituals, and make space for their arts. I'm thrilled to start 2019 off with a renewed dedication to creative space-making, the promotion of collaborative asking, and a bigger and brighter program. I believe in art that asks us to empathize and be vulnerable, and I am certain that this group is going to encourage thinking and feeling at a whole new level."

"The Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellowship is dedicated to providing space, perspective, and opportunity. We foster a community where all are welcome and everyone's biases are challenged," said Robin Sokoloff, executive director of Town Stages. "We encourage those who feel silenced, marginalized, and otherwise 'othered' to share their experiences, and remain dedicated to conversation and community. In our inaugural year, we were thrilled to support more than two dozen projects in a wide range of endeavors and disciplines!"

Part residency, part incubator, and part home base, a Creative Fellowship with Sokoloff Arts offers the ultimate creative freedom to grow within the walls of Town Stages, and beyond.


Charlotte Arnoux & Alex Parrish

UltraViolet: An Electrifying New Musical

The NY-based writing team of Arnoux & Parrish consists of Charlotte Arnoux, a French theater artist focused on new work development and plays tackling social justice issues, and Alex Parrish, a musician/performer who creates musical theater centered on psychology and moral ambivalence.

Charlotte is the Managing Director of GoodCapp Arts, director for theater and film, and creator/producer of NYC's FRIDGE Festival; BFA NYU Tisch;

Alex is a composer/lyricist/orchestrator for full-length and one-act musicals, orchestral suites, multimedia shows, short films, and cabaret works; BFA NYU Tisch and BMI Musical Theatre Workshop;

Instagram: @imshallot @alexdparrish @ultravioletmusical

We can't think of a more inspiring environment to create than Town Stages. Beyond the sumptuous venue, the Fellowship allows us to work alongside the fresh voices of our contemporaries, and align with a female-led cultural space to write and debut our female-led superhero children's musical!

Nikko Benson


Nikko Benson is a musical theater writer and performer, a Jonathan Larson award winner, and an O'Neill Music Theater Conference Finalist. His projects include Nikola Tesla Drops The Beat (Adirondack Theater Festival); Start Again (Musical Theater Factory); In Pursuit of Magic (Kennedy Center Millenium Stage) and ElseWhere. Writer's residencies with Village Theater Festival, Pace New Musicals, the Johnny Mercer Songwriters Project, Catwalk, Forge Foster, and Goodspeed Writers Colony. Nikko is a founding member of the Musical Theater Factory, a core member of Marisa Michelson's Constellation Chor, and a teaching artist at The Performing Arts Project.

instagram: @nikko_benson, twitter: @nikkoabenson,

I've never gotten so many ideas from a space itself as I have coming into Town Stages. There's magic in the walls, truly - and the first time I walked in I knew I had to find a way to create there, and let it's magic work its way into ElseWhere.

Éamon Boylan


Éamon Boylan is a NYC based director and creator whose recent projects include Soft Butter (Ars Nova, Musical Theatre Factory), When I Recall Her (Planet Connections, BAM studio), virgo (Fresh Fruit Festival, New Masculinities), Cinderella in the Closet (The Brick), Rooms (BAM studio), and The Rite of Spring (ATC). A member of the 2017-19 SDCF Observership class, they have incubated work with resident artists at Next Wave Festival (BAM) as well as at LCT3/Lincoln Center, the O'Neill, WP Theater/The Public Theater, Joe's Pub, Clubbed Thumb, Musical Theatre Factory, American Theater Company, Judson Memorial, Studio Theatre, and elsewhere.

Instagram: @eraboylan Facebook:

In all my work I hope to find a life, a joy, an opportunity for trans and queer voices to radicalize the legacy of theatre. The creative infrastructure provided by TOWN anchors my hope, grants it time and space among a cohort of other forward-thinking artists. Here, we see the future.

Maximus DeFrancesco

Self Made Artist

Maximus is a singer and performer with years operatic training. He is a rostered performer of seven seasons, singing the National Anthems for the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Maximus is also a past Quarter Finalist of the American Tradition Competition, and performs in the greater NYC area. However, his artistic ways go beyond singing, as he is also a writer, actor and even experienced mixologist. Maximus' writings include short stories, poetry, scenes, and his latest journey, a full length play. Maximus loves to bring art to life, allowing participants to step into a world beyond their own.

IG: @lovemaxaroni

I am beyond excited to be able to be a Fellow, a part of this community to have use of this gorgeous venue to create, practice, breathe, experience, think and be a more fulfilled artist. I am so very grateful for Town Stages, and all of the opportunities this place creates for artists like myself.

Molly Powers Gallagher

Three Sisters, Their Brother, & Their Dead Mother

Molly Powers Gallagher is a writer & actor, who is committed to creating stories that make women feel seen. She recently presented an industry reading of her screenplay DRIVING WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED (2nd Round of Consideration - 2019 Sundance Development Track). Molly is a current LabWorks Artist at The New Victory Theater, where she is developing THE LIVING HISTORY PROJECT, an immersive play for that constructs and deconstructs a women's history museum. Her plays THE MIGHTY PATSY MINK! and THE MYSTERY OF THE 12 CURIOUS COUSINS were commissioned by Urban Stages and toured the five boroughs of NYC.

Instagram @mollypowersgal Twitter @mollypowersgal

I'm so excited to have an artistic homebase to develop my new play THREE SISTERS, THEIR BROTHER & THEIR DEAD MOTHER. As a freelance artist, I'm constantly running between gigs and cramming in writing sessions at random coffee shops or lobbies with free wifi. It will be such a gift to walk in the doors of TOWN and know that it is my writing sanctuary for a year where I can dream the biggest dreams for my project.

Tess Howsam

The Reflection Cabinet and "Water, Water,Everywhere..."

Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, Tess Howsam curates and directs ekphrastic shows that blend theater, installation art, and performance. Howsam seeks to subvert theatrical expectations while building cross-disciplinary collaborations that offer visibility to marginalized artists and address issues of gender. Her installation work is rooted in story and collaboration, viewing art as a dialogue to address contemporary sociological, political, and environmental issues. Howsam is the Founding Artistic Director of the Exquisite Corpse Company (2012-present). Her installation Corseted Community is a part of an international exhibit Puentes - No Muros/ Bridges - Not Walls, (El Centro de las Artes de Querétaro (CEART) Querétaro, Mexico, March 2018/ Casa de Europa Mexico, San Miguel, Mexico, October 2018). MFA-IA: Goddard College, Washington, BA: Bard College, New York.

@Tess_Howsam @ReflectionCabinet @ExquisiteCorpseCo

Town offers me an invaluable resource, "space", in a unique creative community, as I finish developing Exquisite Corpse Company's immersive production: "Water, Water, Everywhere..." and my next collaborative art installation "Reflection Cabinet".

Rachel Lin

Dear John

Rachel is a New York City based writer and performer. She moved to Brooklyn at the age of 8, and has lived here ever since. She received her BFA in acting from NYU Tisch, and before that she attended Stuyvesant High School in Tribeca. She has devised and developed work with Aaron Landsman, Karmenlara Ely, Niegel Smith, John Jesurun, and many more artists she greatly admires. She has worked at: Ensemble Studio Theatre, the Flea Theater, the Tank, the Repertory Theater of St. Louis, the Lark, Signature Theatre, LAByrinth, P73, and more. She is a member of Actors Equity. She hopes to someday own both a dog and a dishwasher. More info at

@missrlin - Instagram

Being invited to join this group of artists is a huge honor, and I look forward to sharing space and ideas with such an accomplished group. My piece, "Dear John," is a solo piece inspired by true and personal events. Because of that, I've spent over a year avoiding actually making the thing. The support Town Stages is offering is the friendly push-off-the-cliff I've been needing to get this project off the ground.

Anna Lublina

??????? | Bab(oo)shka

Anna Lublina is a theater artist based in Brooklyn. She embraces ideals of collectivity and community action that she first encountered in her research into the Soviet conceptualists. Her work has been presented at the Old American Can Factory, Dixon Place, The Brick, The Tank, The Pit, and Vital Joint. Anna has been an artist in residence at the Barn Arts Collective and Azule. She was recently accepted into the St. Ann's Warehouse PuppetLab, the Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellowship Program, Undiscovered Countries Blast Off Lab, and awarded the Blueprint Grant by COJECO in support of "??????? | BAb(oo)shka."

Instagram @annalublina Facebook @anyalublin

I am thrilled to grow this project with the community at Town Stages. This is the most personal project I have worked on-- one that directly addresses my own familial history and the miscommunications that allow it to transmit from generation to generation-- and it is a true gift that I can develop it with mentorship from the strong and inspirational women at Town Stages.

Lacy Marie Meyer

"WHO I AM"(formerly known as UNPLANNED. Had to change title), and also LITTLE LIGHTS

Lacy Marie Meyer is an award winning Actor, Writer, & Producer. She is the founding member of the feminist writing group WHO I AM and a member of STILLWATER WRITERS. She most recently acted in and co-produced the Off-Broadway play, THE HURRICANE PARTY by David Thigpen at The Cherry Lane Theatre. She is a member of The Collective NY and a graduate of The William Esper Studio. Her short play, LITTLE LIGHTS, was selected to be produced and published by the Collective NY's anthology play festival. Lacy received a degree in Theatre and Women's Studies from Ball State University.


TOWN offers a strong supportive and creative community--the Sokoloff Arts fellowship is the exact opportunity I needed to propel my projects into the next level.

Ben Moniz

Untitled Ballet About America

Ben Moniz is a Brooklyn based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and theater-maker. He has written scores for several documentaries and short films and performed in pit bands with Manhattan School of Music, The Bar(n) Arts Collective, and 5th Floor Theatre Company. Ben's work as a composer has been featured at FEAST: a performance series, Paper Kraine, and A Good Night in Bad Waters. He has worked extensively with The Bar(n) Arts Collective in Bass Harbor, Maine as a performer, a musician, an artist in residence, and a technical advisor.

@bmoniez on instagram! for sounds!

I'm excited for the opportunity Town Stages is giving me to develop this project in 2019. Space to work with a bunch of saxophones or dancers (much less both) can be hard to come by. Having designated space to write, work, and play with this material, in addition to the other resources TOWN provides, will really give this project room to grow.

Marina Montesanti


EXI(S)T is a Musical about Asylum Seekers in the United States. We are celebrating what it means to be "different" and promoting the mixture of cultures, beliefs and rhythms. We are stripping away the "victim immigrant" narrative and coming together under the common belief that all humans are deserving of human rights. Inspired by Shane Evan's MM2000 illustrations; written by Nicole Sousa; conceived and directed by Marina Montesanti; dramaturgy by Bárbara Eliodorio. Music team: Linda Briceño and David Telson. Production Stage Manager: Gabriela Gutierrez. In collaboration with Sigrid Gonzalez, Former Special Advisor, and Appointee within the Obama Administration for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Instagram: @exist_musical; @marinamontesanti; @nsousa1

We are so grateful to be working with TOWN, such a rare space that not only promotes healing and growth, but that mirrors our commitment to representation. Fostered by the revolutionary, we are eager to create our revolution.

Zach Morris

Incubator for Communal Experiences

Zach Morris (Third Rail Projects' Co-Artistic Director) is co-creator of the immersive theater hits Then She Fell, The Grand Paradise, Sweet & Lucky, and most recently Ghost Light at Lincoln Center Theater's Claire Tow Theater. Zach's work includes site-specific performance, multimedia installation art and environments, and experiential performance. He is particularly interested in creating projects that place contemporary art and performance in non-traditional contexts. Zach has been honored with numerous awards, including a Chita Rivera award, two BESSIE awards, and was recently named as one of the 100 most influential people in Brooklyn culture by Brooklyn Magazine. His work has been presented nationally and internationally with the support of numerous grants, commissions, and residencies and he has had the pleasure of teaching, mentoring, and creating new platforms to support the work of artists both at home and abroad. Zach holds a BFA in Directing from Carnegie Mellon University.;;

I'm delighted to be a part of the Arts Creative Fellowship Program at Town Stages and very much look forward to the incubation and laboratory time it'll afford. As artists, we so rarely have the opportunity to dedicate resources to research and development. But, as in any field, artists need exactly that in order to advance and explore points of inquiry. They need the time and space to ask the next set of questions.

Mark Murray


Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Mark is a passionate and versatile storyteller who finds equal joy in musical, classical, and comedic pursuits. He is excited to be a part of the 2019 Sokoloff Arts Fellowship with his show Pilots, an episodic writing competition in which six writers go head to head each week to win the favor of the audience. In his spare time, he enjoys Star Wars, tabletop games, yoga, and dad jokes. He holds a BFA in acting with an emphasis in original works from Cornish College of the Arts. You can follow him and his work at

Instagram @PilotsTheShow, Twitter @PilotsTheShow, Facebook @PilotsShow

As a frequent guest of Town, I'm excited to call it my home for the next year and collaborate with the fantastic staff and other fellowship recipients.

Tara O'Con


Tara O'Con is an experiential artist, designer, and Certified Professional Coach specializing in immersive theater, user experience design, and Coaching for Transformation. She is a long-time collaborative member of Third Rail Projects- hailed as one of the foremost companies creating site-specific, immersive and experiential dance theater. As a teaching artist and coach, she specializes helping people bring tools for building empathy and trust into interactive settings across disciplines and into their own lives. She has been commissioned by several theaters in NYC, an Artist-In-Residence with Movement Research, and a Choreographic Fellow at the Bogliasco Study Center in Liguria, Italy.

Instagram: @tmocon Facebook: @tara-ocon Twitter: @TaraOCon

2019 is the year that I integrate all the creative parts of myself and step into my power with game-changing impact. TOWN is the perfect platform to step into the unknown and think big.

Noah Reece

And God Came Down [tentative]

Noah Reece is a composer, writer, performer, and all-around storyteller originally from the plains of Oklahoma. From superheroes, to spies, to Noresmen, to middle-American families, Noah perpetually gravitates toward subjects and projects that are new and different from the last, and revels in playing with the balance between sincerity and humor in his art.

@noahreece (insta)

It can be so difficult to find space to get away from your daily routines, breathe, and actually focus. Town can provide an atmosphere for intense work or kicking back for a drink in equal measure, and comes with a community of supportive fellows and seasoned art-makers at the helm. You can go from early development, to performance, to afterparty all under the same roof! It's magical. Getting to have this Fellowship means a year of not having to navigate the doubts and struggles of digging into a new work alone, and it means the possibility of putting something on its feet just became instantly more feasible.

Tidtaya Sinutoke

Untitled (for now)

Tidtaya Sinutoke is a Thai born, NYC-based composer, writer, and musician. Composition credits include: Clouds Are Pillows for the Moon, Hart Island Requiem, SHE | THEY | HE, Crossing Borders, Sunrise Prayer, Water is Life, Half the Sky, and Yellow Cycle. She is a recipient of the Composer-Librettists Studio at New Dramatists, Johnny Mercer Songwriter Projects, NYFA IAM Mentoring Program, Robert Rauschenberg Residency, EtM Con Edison Composer-in-Residence, Kilroy's Honorable Mention List, Yale Institute for Music Theatre, 5th Anvenue Theatre's First Draft Commission, and Jonathan Larson Grant. A proud member of ASCAP, and the Dramatists Guild. MFA: NYU.

Facebook @tsinutoke, Instagram @tidtaya_sinutoke

Khobkhun Ka (Thank you in Thai) so much for giving me this opportunity to write my own autobiographical piece about my own experience of being an immigrant artist in America. I am so excited and cannot wait to start writing!

Alex Spieth


Alex Spieth is an actor/writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She is the creator of the series Blank My Life ( Blank was feautured in IndieWire and GirlTalkHQ and has been screened by BRIC TV, Brooklyn WebFest, and NYC Webfest. As an actor, Alex has performed with Shake and Bake (Off-Broadway), Irondale Ensemble, Everyman Theatre, Quantum Theatre, the New Ohio Theatre, TITAN Theatre Company, The Public Theatre's Under the Radar Festival, and University Settlement. She tours Jane Doe, a one woman show about rape culture in our communities to colleges and universities.

Instagram @mynameisalexs, Twitter @blankmy life, Facebook Alex Spieth, My series is on

"Stag is a horror-comedy about a gay man's bachelor party attended by his BFFs which turns into an (attempted) gay conversion. I'm excited to develop this project with a partner like Town to give me the space, access, and freedom to set this project up for success. Looking forward to haunting their dreams!! :)"

Jeff Tang

Such Strange Gravity: Songs of Gotham

Jeff Tang is a composer, lyricist, and creative producer investigating the history, creation, and perpetuation of cultural narratives through music and theater. His work has been seen and heard in New York, Chicago, London, Minneapolis, Berkeley, and La Jolla. Commissions include NYC's Leviathan Lab, Music Institute of Chicago, Theatre Latte Da in Minneapolis, NYU's Grad Acting Write/Act Festival, and St. Ann's School. Alumnus of National Sawdust's Summer Labs Residency, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, New Dramatists Composer-Librettist Studio, Prospect Theater Company's Musical Theater Lab, and the PlayLabs Festival. MFA, NYU GMWTP

Instagram @soyjeff, Facebook @soyjeff

I'm so excited by the promise of the unexpected and intersecting with Town's mightily growing community of makers, artists, thinkers, and tinkerers.

Greg Taubman

Essence & Presence (and other teaching methods)

Greg Taubman helps stories find their form and storytellers hone their craft-primarily as the Co-Founder of FORGE, a boutique arts consultancy ( As a freelance director and dramaturg, Greg has worked with regional and national institutions including The Public Theater, Classic Stage Company, The NY Neo-Futurists, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Theater of War, and The Shakespeare Society. Greg has taught and directed students at Stanford University, Columbia University, and LIU Post. Projects in development include Farewell King, Essence & Presence (a recipient of the 2019 of the Sokoloff Arts Fellowship), and his book Such Stuff: The Essential Value of Art & Dreams.

I'm incredibly honored to receive a Sokoloff Arts Fellowship! Town Stages is the perfect venue for Essence & Presence acting workshops, and this year will be the perfect opportunity to practice and perfect this unique and inspiring approach to acting.

The Mother Line Story Project

The Mother Line Story Project

THE MOTHER LINE STORY PROJECT was formed in 2015 and has performed at venues like Town Stages, Dixon Place, Abingdon Theater, HERE Arts, and The PIT. Its signature workshop process has also been brought to Regional Theatres, Universities, Wellness Centers, and even Cairo, Egypt! MLSP Inc is a certified not-for-profit and is a proud member of ART/NY. Thousands of audience members have enjoyed MLSP on stage and countless others have heard our stories through platforms like radio, video, and podcasts.


Mother Line is all about creating community and a safe, creative space for women. Town Stages is not only a beacon of these qualities, but a MEGAPHONE for them, and we are so grateful to be a part of their journey!

Will Thomason

Les Pianistes Dansants

Will Thomason is an eclectic performer and theatre maker who uses his experience in dance, voice, acting, piano performance, and songwriting to tell stories examining our modern culture through a combination of chorded melodies, rich harmonies, and witty wordplay. As an actor/dancer, favorite roles include Paul in A Chorus Line and Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Among his 4 full-length works, part of his song cycle "These Four Years," was the inaugural concert at TOWN Stages thanks to generous support by Sokoloff Arts. A recipient of the ASTEP Kaffenberger Fellowship, he also enjoys creating theatre pieces with underserved children.

Instagram @will_thomason, Twitter @will_thomason, Facebook: Will Thomason, YouTube: Will Thomason

I am incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to explore my piece, "Les Pianistes Dansants," with such an impressive group of creators in this remarkable space. We will be able to use their vast & open area to truly research how to engage more physically with piano music. When the idea came to my mind, I could think of no other space to truly grow and develop this piece than TOWN Stages. I am giddy with excitement to start exploring with my collaborators! I can't wait to get started, because I know with the physical and personal support & resources that the Sokoloff Arts Fellowship will give me, I will be able to create a piece that will not only aid in my growth as an artist and maker, but will create new bridges between dance choreography and music creation.

Isaac L. Thompson Jr

CAASi Evolution

Isaac Thompson graduated from The School of The Arts in 2004(Rochester,NY), where he majored in Visual Arts. Fast forward to 2016 when Isaac quit his high paying job and moved to NYC to pursue acting. It was there that he painted his first painting in almost 10 years. Since then Isaac has painted close to 200 pieces and sold just over 150. He adopted the name "CAASi Evolution". CAASi is ISAAC spelled backwards, he stated "Coming back to fine art is the LAST thing I thought I would do, it's backwards." The adventure of CAASi is just beginning.

@IsaacLThompson1 on Twitter, IG, FB. #CaasiEvolution on IG for works

I'm SO humbled, excited, and charged by this opportunity! TOWN is the perfect conduit for this movement of conscious, feeling Art. CAASi Evolution is where heart and brain collide.

Rebecca Vineyard

What You Carry With You

Rebecca Vineyard is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist who plays with form. Her solo autobiographical piece, Ambiguously Olive, was developed through Undiscovered Countries' inaugural Blast Off! lab in 2017. Rebecca was a Fresh Ground Pepper BRB 2018 Resident Artist, and was featured on Fusion TV's Peabody Award-nominated show, Sex. Right. Now. with Cleo Stiller. She also serves as literary manager for Crashbox Theater Company. Rebecca is thrilled to develop two new pieces as part of both the 2019 Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellowship, and Undiscovered Countries' Blast Off! BFA NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Atlantic Acting School; @rebeccahenna on social media.

Instagram and Twitter: @rebeccahenna Facebook: @rhvineyard (personal page)

As an early-career artist, being a part of the 2019 Sokoloff Creative Fellowship Program is one of the more thrilling opportunities I've ever been granted. To have the support of an inclusive and social justice-minded organization in developing a piece that will stretch my current boundaries enables me to move past the question of "how," and frees me up to be brave and thoughtful as I craft a specific experience for an audience.

Emma Rosa Went

Courage! To the Field!, The Shirt Show Part 2, and other projects

Emma Rosa Went is a freelance theatre director. New York work includes: The Tank, The Brick, Playwrights Realm, Dixon Place, Theater Row, Access Theatre, Center at West Park, LPAC Lab, Trans Lab @ WP, and many other venues. Regional includes: Scranton Shakespeare Festival, Campfire Festival @ Boise Contemporary Theatre, Barn Arts Collective. Off-broadway and regional assisting includes: TFANA, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Atlantic, Rattlestick, Colorado Shakespeare Festival. Emma is an alum of the OSF FAIR Program and the SDCF Observership Program, and the recipient of a 2019 Drama League First Stage Residency. BA Sarah Lawrence College. Associate Member SDC.

Instagram, @emmarosawent, Facebook, @ Emma Rosa Went

I'm hugely grateful for this opportunity to share work and community with so many amazing multi-disciplinary artists in a space like Town Stages. The Fellowship's core principle of offering a home-base for artists is so valuable and unique, and I can't wait to see what comes out of all our interactions this year.

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