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Jesus Christ Superstar [Original Recording Remastered, Import] 2012


Jesus Christ Superstar [Original Recording Remastered, Import]
Polydor UK

This release comes in the wake of the recording’s 40th anniversary, and with exciting plans afoot; ITV and Andrew Lloyd Webber are launching a show to search for a performer to play Jesus in a newly realised UK arena tour that will feature Tim Minchin as Judas Iscariot, Melanie C as Mary Magdalene and Chris Moyles as King Herod. David Says:
Disk 1
1. Overture - Orchestra
2. Heaven On Their Minds - Alan Doggett, Murray Head
3. What`s The Buzz / Strange Things Mystifying - Various Artists
4. Everything`s Alright - Yvonne Elliman, Ian Gillan
5. This Jesus Must Die - Victor Brox, Brian Keith
6. Hosanna - Alan Doggett, Victor Brox, Ian Gillan
7. Simon Zealotes / Poor Jerusalem - John Gustafson, Ian Gillan
8. Pilate`s Dream - Barry Dennen, Alan Doggett
9. The Temple - Alan Doggett, Ian Gillan
10. Everything`s Alright - Ian Gillan, Yvonne Elliman
11. I Don`t Know How To Love Him - Tim Rice, Yvonne Elliman, Andrew Lloyd Webber
12. Damned For All Time / Blood Money - Murray Head, Brian Keith, Victor Brox, Choir
Disk 2
14. Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) - Ian Gillan
15. The Arrest - Murray Head, Victor Brox, Paul Davis, Ian Gillan, Brian Keith
16. Peter`s Denial - Paul Davis, Yvonne Elliman, Annette Brox
17. Pilate And Christ - Barry Dennen, Ian Gillan
18. King Herod`s Song (Try It And See) - Mike D`Abo
19. Judas`s Death - Murray Head, Victor Brox, Choir
20. Trial Before Pilate - Barry Dennen, Victor Brox, Ian Gillan
21. Superstar - Murray Head, Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Choir, Alan O`Duffy
22. The Crucifixion - Alan Doggett, Ian Gillan, Jesus Christ Superstar - A Rock Opera (Original Cast)
23. John Nineteen Forty-One - Orchestra

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