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Shakespeare's KING LEAR Opens in São Paulo with an All Drag Cast
by Claudio Erlichman - July 22, 2024

In a tribute to drag queen art, Cia. Extemporânea opens an adaptation of the tragedy King Lear, by Shakespeare. The production is directed by Ines Bushatsky and features the queens Alexia Twister, Antonia Pethit, DaCota Monteiro, Ginger Moon, Lilith Prexeva, Maldita Hammer, Mercedez Vulcão, Thelores and Xaniqua Laquisha.

VINÍCIUS MUNHOZ Launches VME, a New Production Company Focused on Entertainment in Brazil
by Claudio Erlichman - July 14, 2024

The recently created VME announces its desire to elevate entertainment in Brazil, with content and projects that promote memorable experiences for customers, brands and fans.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC (A Noviça Rebelde) Arrives in São Paulo After a Sold-out Season in Rio de Janeiro
by Claudio Erlichman - July 11, 2024

Since making his Broadway debut in 1959, The Sound of Music (A Novica Rebelde) has become a singular phenomenon. No other show has achieved such a lasting trajectory of success as one of this musical, inspired by the true love story between a young novice and a widowed captain, father of seven.

Joing Theater and Cinema Musical REPÚBLICA LEE – UM MUSICAL AO SOM DE RITA Opens in São Paulo
by Claudio Erlichman - July 07, 2024

The show combines theater and cinema, creating a film in the presence of the audience, following the story of 5 young people, residents of a shared house, in São Paulo City, between the years from 1968 and 1969. The group is engaged in producing, within the apartment where they live, a low-budget science fiction short film.

CRYSTAL: CIRQUE DU SOLEIL's First Acrobatic Ice Show Arrives in Sao Paulo
by Claudio Erlichman - July 03, 2024

Seen by more than 2 million people worldwide, Crystal, first acrobatic ice show at Cirque du Soleil arrives in Brazil. The impressive 42nd creation, unveils the magical and challenging universe of ice for the first time in its history, exploring the infinite artistic possibilities of this surprising element.

Musical BELCHIOR - ANO PASSADO EU MORRI, MAS ESSE ANO EU NÃO MORRO returns to Sao Paulo for a popular season
by Claudio Erlichman - July 01, 2024

The show, directed by Pedro Cadore, takes a look at Belchior youth through a dramaturgy made up of excerpts from interviews with the singer himself. In the story, actor and singer Pablo Paleologo plays the singer from Ceara, while Bruno Suzano gives voice to the “Common Citizen”, a recurring character in Belchior's songs and in a way his alter ego.

Musical PARA NAO GRITAR (To Not Scream) Pays Tribute to Brazilian Writer Caio Fernando Abreu Through His Unique Work
by Claudio Erlichman - June 30, 2024

Caio Fernando Abreu, one of the most important writers in Brazilian literature, will have his life and work told on stage in the musical Para Nao Gritar (To Not Scream), which premieres on July 5th, for a short season in Sao Paulo.

Videos: Watch all of the Performances From MISCAST BRASIL 2024
by Stephi Wild - June 26, 2024

Miscast Brasil took place on 18 June 2024. Check out videos of all of the performances here!

With a Soap Opera Narrative and Regional Inspiration, UM GRANDE ENCONTRO – O MUSICAL Celebrates Love, Dreams and Challenges
by Claudio Erlichman - June 18, 2024

The dream, the desire and the need. These are the matrices that generate the conflicts and questions in Um Grande Encontro – O Musical (A Great Encounter), wich opens on June 21st in Sao Paulo, directed by Jarbas Homem de Mello and Tulio Rivadavia. The show brings a dramaturgy stitched together by timeless songs and Popular Brazilian Music hits.

E O AMOR (It's Love) Expects to Cherish the Audience to the Sound of Great Songs of Popular Brazilian Music
by Claudio Erlichman - June 04, 2024

Real life couple Aline Wirley and Igor Rickli presents E O AMOR (It’s love) with direction by Pedro Brício and musical direction by Danilo Timm. In the show, when performing songs known to the general public, the actors convey various sensations that permeate love.

Award-winning Lyle Kessler's Dark Comedy ORPHANS (Orfaos) Opens in Sao Paulo
by Claudio Erlichman - June 03, 2024

Starring Lucas Drummond, Ernani Moraes and Rafael Queiroz and directed by Fernando Philbert, the play tells the story of 2 orphan brothers who kidnap a mysterious businessman and end up finding the father figure they always dreamed of. With an extensive international career, the 1983 text gave screenwriter Lyle Kessler prominence as a playwright.

In Double Bill Theatro Sao Pedro presents Offenbach's THE SONG OF FORTUNIO and MESDAMES DE LA HALLE
by Claudio Erlichman - May 29, 2024

The Song of Fortunio and Mesdames de La Halle are part of the collection of satirical works by the German composer who became a reference in the creation of operettas. Recitals will be performed by the Opera Academy and the Youth Orchestra of Theatro Sao Pedro, with stage direction by Ines Bushatsky and musical direction by Andre Dos Santos.

Neil Bartlett's Comedy-Drama IN EXTREMIS Brings Oscar Wilde Into an Esoteric Experience
by Claudio Erlichman - May 28, 2024

Directed by Bruno Guida and staring Daniel Infantini and Flávio Tolezani, the dramatic comedy by award-winning English author Neil Bartlett is inspired by a telegram sent by Irish writer Oscar Wilde to a friend in 1895, just a week before began the trial that would cost him his reputation, his freedom, his family and then his life.

Huge Success in London and in the USA, DRUNK SHAKESPEARE (Um Porre de Shakespeare) Opens in Brazil
by Claudio Erlichman - May 28, 2024

Six professional actors meet as members of The Drunk Shakespeare Society. One of them has 5 shots of whiskey and then attempts to perform a major role in a Shakespearean play. Hilarity and mayhem ensue while the five sober actors try and keep the script on track. Every show is different depending on who is drinking... and what they're drinking!

Video: Watch Footage from CANTANDO NA CHUVA (SINGIN' IN THE RAIN) in Brazil
by Blair Ingenthron - May 18, 2024

Watch performance footage from the Brazilian production of Cantando Na Chuva (Singin' in the Rain), now in performances at Teatro Sérgio Cardoso through June 16.

New Vitor Rocha's Musical DONATELLO Talks About Memory, Love and Aging
by Claudio Erlichman - May 08, 2024

Written and performed by Vitor Rocha, the new musical Donatello invites the audience to delve into the memories of important moments in all of our lives. The show provides a fun and exciting experience. Through an intimate proposal that explores the deepest human feelings, the show addresses universal themes such as love, family, memory and aging.

Cine Sao Pedro Shows THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI With a Live Soundtrack
by Claudio Erlichman - May 03, 2024

A classic of German expressionism will be plaiyng at Theatro Sao Pedro on the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th of May. Conducted by Marcelo Falcao, the Theatro Sao Pedro Orchestra will perform the film's soundtrack, presented in partnership with Cinemateca Brasileira.

Set in the World of Haute Couture, BIZET'S CARMEN Opens at Theatro Municipal de Sao Paulo
by Claudio Erlichman - May 01, 2024

The passionate work, which entered the canon and the hearts of the public due to its protagonist's transgression and the unforgettable Habanera aria, is set in a haute couture atelier with the signature of a specialist in the theme, director Jorge Takla, Ronaldo Zero as associate diretor and musical direction by Roberto Minczuk.

ADORAVEL TRAPALHAO, THE MUSICAL that Pays Homage to Famous Brazilian Comedian Renato Aragao, Opens In Sao Paulo
by Claudio Erlichman - April 26, 2024

Adorável Trapalhao, the Musical, is a show that will pay homage to the unparalleled career of famous Brazilian comedian Renato Aragão, wich actively joins in the show, as a special participation, as it will be up to Rafael Aragão, the actor who created the project, to play the role of the iconic Didi Mocó.

Mel Lisboa Returns as the Queen of Brazilian Rock 'N' Roll in the All New RITA LEE – A MUSICAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY
by Claudio Erlichman - April 23, 2024

Ten years after the opening of the hit Rita Lee Mora ao Lado, actress Mel Lisboa returns to play the rock star in an all new musical. With book and research by Guilherme Samora, direction by Marcio Macena and Debora Dubois, the show is based on the autobiography of the queen of Brazilian rock ‘n’ roll.

Video: The Cast of THE LION KING in Brazil Performs 'Endless Night'
by Blair Ingenthron - April 21, 2024

The Lion King is currently playing in Sao Paulo, Brazil! Watch the cast perform 'Noite Sem Fim (Endless Night)' in this all-new video.

A COMEDIA DOS AMANTES Comes to Theatro Sao Pedro This Month
by Stephi Wild - April 18, 2024

Estreia nacional desta comédia que trata da eterna guerra dos sexos. Narrativa bem humorada e inteligente que viaja através dos tempos em cenas clássicas que vão desde a Grécia antiga, passando pela Idade Média, chegando até nossos dias, num mix de situações engraçadas que nos faz pensar que esta disputa está longe de acabar.

In a Deconstructed and Immersive Production CABARET KIT KAT CLUB Opens in Brazil
by Claudio Erlichman - April 11, 2024

In a Berlin nightclub, as the 1920's draw to a close, a garish MC welcomes the audience and assures them they will forget all their troubles at the Cabaret. With the Emcee's bawdy songs as wry commentary, Cabaret explores the dark, heady, and tumultuous life of Berlin's natives and expatriates as Germany slowly yields to the emerging Third Reich.

O Heptameron (A Força da Arte) Comes to Theatro Sao Pedro This Week
by Stephi Wild - April 09, 2024

Comédia escrita por Gilberto Schwarstmann, que narra a história de três casais se mudam para uma mansão na pandemia. Ricos, esnobes, vivem num universo paralelo. Até que um deles convida um professor de letras que lhes fala sobre “A Morte de Ivan Ilitch”, de Tolstoi. Isso causa um efeito avassalador nos casais levando a um final surpreendente.

Musical COMO E QUE SE DIZ EU TE AMO - AO SOM DE LEGIAO URBANA (How do You Say I Love You - to The Sound of Legiao Urbana) Opens in Sao Paulo
by Claudio Erlichman - March 27, 2024

Using hits composed by the famous Brazilian band Legião Urbana, the story is set in a small town in the countryside, where young Daniel and his class experience the last months of high school. Meanwhile, they begin to discover love in all shapes and sizes, and that growing up is a difficult task.


Teatro Santander (9/30 - 9/30)
033 Rooftop (3/31 - 6/30)
Kinky Boots
Bacana Producoes Artistica (3/31 - 3/31)
Motivo Live (3/31 - 12/31)
The Band's Visit
Faap In Sp and Oi Casa Grande In Ri (12/31 - 12/31)
Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical
Teatro Claro (10/31 - 4/30)
Pretty Woman The Musical
Teatro Santander (9/30 - 9/30)

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