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10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week!

See what our bloggers have written about this week!

Our student bloggers write about how they're coping with the current global health crisis, give insight on their school's performing arts programs, share their opinions on the latest theater news, and so much more.

Read some of the top blogs from this week below!

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10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! Diversifying the Theatre - A Movement or A Moment?

Student Blogger: Cris Blak

Excerpt: "I definitely dream of a Broadway that represents me. I dream of a Broadway where the shows I write have a place on the marquees. I dream of a Broadway where "color blind" casting is a given, not a gimmick. I dream of a Broadway that represents the neighborhoods I grew up in. I dream of a Broadway that gives my friends the jobs they've worked for just as hard or harder than those who get the most opportunities. I dream of a Broadway that thinks more progressively than a one way street."

Read the full blog here!

10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! Introducing "ChipandGus" on SecondStage!

Student Blogger: Cassie Maurer

Excerpt: "The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a particular strain on the live arts/entertainment industry. What new initiatives has the Arts Center taken to keep the arts alive in the Lowcountry?

We are fortunate to have such an innovative group of staff members here because as soon as the stay-at-home order was issued in March 2020, everyone immediately started putting their heads together to find ways to keep engaging with our audience virtually and provide creative outlets on digital platforms."

Read the full blog here!

10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! Sharing Their Stories - An Interview with Megan Lohne

Student Blogger: Leah Packer

Excerpt: "I met Megan at this year's Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival when I attended her workshop on navigating the performance business. I was floored by the multitude of positions she's held within the theatrical community, and how each opportunity not only added to her resume, but to her overall knowledge and connections within this industry. I couldn't wait to discuss her career progression as well as get some advice for us aspiring creators. Here is her story."

Read the full blog here!

10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! Devising Theatre in Zoom School©

Student Blogger: Sydni Dichter

Excerpt: "I am in the Experimental Theatre Wing, and our studio mainstage production last semester was a piece that was going to be devised from the Greek classic Philoctetes and Audre Lorde's essay "Poetry is Not a Luxury." I was unsure about how devising work would happen with everyone in a completely different location, only united through boxes on a screen. Then I met the director, Deena Selenow, when I auditioned, and I knew that, if I was lucky enough to be cast, I didn't need to be so unsure anymore."

Read the full blog here!

10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! "Give Yourself the Goodies" - A Review of Broadway Workshop's "WAITRESS Broadway Day"

Student Blogger: Bea Mienik

Excerpt: "One of my favorite moments happened as the Workshops's class moderator introduced Ms. Mueller and her unforgettable starring roles. Always entertaining, Ms. Mueller pantomimed playing an invisible "air piano" (BEAUTIFUL: THE Carole King MUSICAL as Carole King)... riding a Carousel as a nod to her role in that 2018 revival...and (what else?) stirring a pie mix that wasn't there (WAITRESS as Jenna - DUH)! Anyone up for some "Broadway Stars are Just Like Us Blueberry" Pie? :-) She certainly could add that to her "special skills" on her resume because I loved it."

Read the full blog here!

10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! Ship's Log - In & Of Itself on Hulu

Student Blogger: Michael Scuotto

Excerpt: "This past weekend, I had the pleasure of watching Derek DelGaudio's In & Of Itself on Hulu. I'm not planning on spoiling anything, but if you haven't seen it, I think you should close your computer and go watch it right now. Seriously. This is a piece of art that is best experienced completely blind. Going into it, I knew literally nothing about it, and I'm so grateful for that fact."

Read the full blog here!

10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! What I Did for Love (and Opportunity)

Student Blogger: Isabella Schiavon

Excerpt: "I am beyond thankful for my family for always supporting me (even when that includes changing reservations and getting new last-minute plane tickets). I am beyond grateful to study at a university where EVERYONE welcomed me back. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I already had to connect with companies and people since I arrived. And I am beyond grateful to be writing about what I did for love in this blog. Love for my family and wanting them to be safe. Love for my school and friends and wanting to be back. Love for this industry that I can't wait to come back to life. And you can bet I will be here when it happens."

Read the full blog here!

10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! Disney Movies That Deserve Broadway Musicals - What Films Make the Cut?

Student Blogger: Kat Mokrynski

Excerpt: "Atlantis: The Lost Empire is one of the most underrated animated movies that Disney has ever made. Based on the myth of the lost city of Atlantis, the film follows a nerdy man named Milo who joins up with a team of adventurers to discover the mysterious empire. The songs could be a brilliant mix of the team searching for Atlantis and the songs that the Atlanteans sing in their native language. The sets would be a wide range, going from classic research rooms to intense underwater submarine scenes. There could be an incredible puppet for the kraken, one of the creatures that attacks Milo and the team as they search for Atlantis."

Read the full blog here!

10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! Bittersweet Endings and Things to Look Forward To

Student Blogger: Emily Naud

Excerpt: "This semester I am most looking forward to my senior showcase with the wonderful, talented people I've been able to work with the last four years of college. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to have a culmination of the work I've done here and I couldn't be more excited. Look out for a future blog post about what it's like doing a virtual senior showcase!"

Read the full blog here!

10 Student Blogs to Check Out This Week! January 2021

Student Blogger: Claudia Quintero

Excerpt: "The first weeks after the lockdown I thought "How are we supposed to do a Musical Theatre Program online...? There is no waaay." And here I am almost one year later. I am back in my hometown in Mexico, safe with my supportive family, attending to online school, singing and dancing through zoom."

Read the full blog here!

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