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Student Blogger: Claudia Quintero


Student Blog: It's All About Love
February 14, 2022

It may sound very cheesy, but for me *love* is the foundation of everything and at the same time it is what we are looking for in our daily lives. That is why we feel so engaged and connected with our favorite song or show. What I think is marvelous, is that there are endless love stories and each one is worth telling.

Student Blog: Everything Changes, But Some Things Never Change
January 17, 2022

Hola! Happy New Year, my favorite time of the year has come. Checking in here with you fills me with passion and joy. One year ago, I started writing here and it's been a journey, huh? I've written from Canada, Mexico in times of uncertainty, in times where I am doing everything and hoping it goes according to its plan, in rehearsals, in opening and closing nights. I've shared new things that I've been discovering, things that I go back to that have been part of who I am since my passion for Musical Theatre started... and today, in the first month of the year, I feel accomplished and more alive than ever.

Student Blog: Singing for a new world.
December 10, 2021

Getting to be part of 'Songs for a New World' specially in the reality we are experiencing today, has such a deep meaning for me, my cast and creative team... like all of the rest of the world, we were locked down for more than a year doing everything online and now standing in front of an audience singing about how this characters feeling the impulse to change their lives and pause for a second to reflect on their relationships, dreams and hopes and have a lot of realizations during these songs, was the perfect way to be back on stage.

Student Blog: Tips to Be at Your Best During Rehearsals
November 15, 2021

Tomorrow I start my fourth and last week of rehearsals before Tech Week, which gets me excited, nervous, thankful and anxious. I have to admit, even if I love my rehearsals, my cast and directors, being in a room for 8 hours every day is such a challenge. I've been reflecting on this a lot and I want to share some tips and thoughts that come from my experience and heart to help you have a smooth rehearsal process whenever you need it.

Student Blog: Time to Talk About DIANA: THE MUSICAL!
October 20, 2021

When I was doing my online term, one of my classes was imparted by Bruce Dow, who is one of the best teachers ever. He got to give me feedback on my Musical Theatre performance and gave me tools that I've been using and make my craft and work much more complete. During the time I was taking classes with him, he had to absence a couple classes because he was just casually flying to NYC to film the Broadway Show he was in, Diana: The Musical. One year later, I was able (last week) to watch it on Netflix as it just recently released and I am just blown away.

Student Blog: A Mexican in Toronto
September 20, 2021

After a year and a half of being in my hometown at Mexico, I am back in Toronto, where I am taking my Musical Theatre college program. It´s been busy days but I couldn´t be happier, I´ve got to experience a thousand of the things in the last 15 days and I feel blessed.

Student Blog: Thank Goodness Wicked Exists.
September 7, 2021

Thanks goodness wicked exists.Wicked's concert aired last week, and every performance was spectacular, it was so different to watch different actors singing these remarkable songs, they transmitted to me the passion, love and connection. Even if I've listened to every song more than a thousand times, I got to feel the sensation that it was the first time my ears were hearing these songs. When Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, showed up to present the songs and give a little synopsis, my eyes started watering, I think it is so special that they are still there, telling this amazing story and opening the road for younger generations to keep the narrative.

August 23, 2021

In these past few weeks I've been seeing some friends, with all the safety measures but it is so heartwarming to be connecting in person again with everyone. Most of my friends that live here, don't love Musical Theatre, or musicals in general haha, so I wanted to talk about that today because even if we are different, I get to spread the passion that I have for musicals in an organic way.

Student Blog: Sparkly August.
August 11, 2021

As an International Student, I've been glued on the news to see if I am able to enter to Canada so I can make my final semester in person. I need to be emotionally strong as I see how my friends are all coming back to the city and singing in person and everything. I feel happy that I am able to connect with them through technology, because even I am not there I still feel part of the community.

Student Blog: Being Vulnerable.
July 26, 2021

We are all aware that is not common that people accept this as our full-time passion that is why being in this community surrounded by people like me is a safe place where I can expand as my truest self. We are teenagers and it is a time where we get to built our solid foundations for our career, forge professional relationships for future opportunities but also it is a time where we want to experience love in a romantic way.

Student Blog: Our value and worth are not determined by someone else.
July 7, 2021

Of course, it is important to keep training, vocalizing, learning and expanding, but don't let other people decide if you are talented or not. We don't know what they are looking for, but we must know who we are to be strong and enjoy the process and know that what you bring as an artist does not define you as a person.

Student Blog: We All Deserve to Reach Our Goals, Regardless of Where We Are – A Mexican Girl
June 21, 2021

I watched In The Heights last week (twice hehe), have you? Such a master piece for me. It came in the perfect moment. As you may know, I am Mexican and I am privileged to be able to have an audience that listen to my thoughts and that I am able to make my dreams come true, my 'sueñitos' beyond geographical borders.

Student Blog: Be part of your own process.
June 1, 2021

Be part of your own process. Getting there with integrity.

Student Blog: Letting the day in.
May 25, 2021

We don't know what our lives will look like in 2 months, not even in a week because we have learnt that everything changes from one moment to another, but with this light that is coming in we are able to take advantage of everything, enjoy and most importantly, take care of each other.

Student Blog: Building Your Tool Box
May 11, 2021

Hi there! I am glad you opened this blog and I am so happy I get to write one more week sharing my experience as a Musical Theater College Student. People often say to me that they have curiosity about how our classes are and they often ask me if my training really helps to become a 'good performer'. My answer to this is... First of all being a 'Good Performer' is subjective, not everyone has the same concept to it.

Student Blog: Do You Feel Guilty When You Rest?
April 19, 2021

Do you feel guilty when you rest? Rush is the enemy of detail…

Student Blog: You Are You, They Are They
April 5, 2021

YOU ARE YOU, THEY ARE THEY. Accepting we have a uniqueness that builds a perfect ensemble

Student Blog: “May The Journey Feel as the Finish Line”
March 22, 2021

6 months ago, when we were told that we would be doing an online play, honestly, I was not motivated. For our audition we had to prepare a monologue from Divine Comedy, which I admire and respect, but here between us, I thought we were going to do something boring.

Student Blog: Passion Always Finds Its Way
March 9, 2021

In this blog, Claudia Quintero Franco a lucky, passionate Mexican girl shares how Passion Always Finds Its Way!

BWW Blog: Staying Motivated While the Pandemic Continues
February 15, 2021

I want to share some thoughts and practices that I have been implementing in my every day to feel good.