Emperor and Galilean - by Henrik Ibsen

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Emperor and Galilean by Henrik Ibsen

The publisher continues its "Great Translations for Actors" series with this 1873 epic, from Ibsen's middle period, which Ibsen considered his masterpiece. The story of Emperor Julian the Apostate, this was his last play to have a classical setting, and it signaled his adoption of a more prosy and less poetic dialog. But it is still drama on a vast scale; written in two parts, with five acts in each part, it covers the years 351-363 C.E. Under Constantine, Prince Julian becomes emperor, turns against the austere piety of Christianity, and embraces the superstitions and passions of Hellenic paganism. The events lend themselves to some highly dramatic scenes, and Ibsen makes the most of them. His dialog reads smoothly in this skillful translation. The work is seldom performed (owing to its length), but the translator has provided the full text, leaving it up to a director to decide what to cut. Recommended for large theater arts collections.AHoward E. Miller, Rosary H.S. Lib., St. Louis

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Emperor and Galilean on Paperback

Publisher: Smith & Kraus

Released: 1999



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