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BWW JR: Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice

A nice pre-thanksgiving crowd was on hand to see the Toy Story 3 Disney on Ice event at the Izod center Wednesday morning.

Disney stewards Mickey, Minnie, Daffy & Goofy were the first to hit the ice and no one seemed to object to them crashing the toy story party.

After a brief introduction by toy owner Andy, green soldiers were soon parachuting in from above (literally) and before long an entire army of green skaters was marching and skating to a military beat.

To everyone's delight, the rest of Andy's toys then made their appearances one by one, and the action started soon after that. Rex had his joystick and was ready to take on Zurg who immediately started blasting fireballs at Buzz Lightyear. My astute 4 year old pointed out ‘hey this is toy story 2'. So maybe the Toy Story 3 billing was slightly off, but it was for the better as the show turned out to be a celebration of all the toy story movies.

I'm not a huge ice skating fan, but I must say there was some impressive skating on display, including some fantastic, flawless twirls from multiple characters and a dazzling back flip from buzz. Not to mention some creative 4 legged skating from slinky, Mr. Hamm and bulls-eye.

There was some interactive play with the crowd as Jessie, Woody and the round up gang (minus the prospector but no one seemed to notice) beckoned the kids to get up and dance, and just about all obliged.

Post intermission was when the Toy Story 3 theme (Sunnyside, Lotso, etc.) really got going.

Barbie made a grand entrance and began stealing the show, that is until Ken made an appearance and the two of them re-enacted many of their best parts of the toy story 3 movie, including the ‘dream weaver' song and the ‘ken fashion show'.

"Spanish mode" Buzz got the crowd giggling when he sprang into action, kissing woody on both cheeks before embarking on a flamenco inspired skate.

I always felt the Toy story movies appealed to all ages, and the ice version also entertained kids and adults alike. All in all, my little girl (a Disney on ice connoisseur in her own right having seen several different ones) left smiling ear to ear, and gave it two little thumbs up.

For tickets and more information, click here!

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