Scoop: Coming Up on GENTLEMAN JACK on HBO This May

Scoop: Coming Up on GENTLEMAN JACK on HBO This May

GENTLEMAN JACK is directed by Sally Wainwright, Sarah Harding ("Vikings," "Queer as Folk") and Jennifer Perrott ("Doctor Who"); produced by Lookout Point for HBO and BBC One; executive producers, Sally Wainwright, Faith Penhale and Laura Lankester for Lookout Point and Ben Irving for BBC One; producer, Phil Collinson.

Episode 3: "Oh is that what you call it?"
Debut date: MONDAY, MAY 6 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT)
Lister (Suranne Jones) confides her hopes for a future with Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle) to her aunt (Gemma Jones), as Ann's neighbor, Mrs. Priestley (Amelia Bullmore), has an inkling about the two women's relationship that presents a threat. Meanwhile, John Booth (Thomas Howes) is surprised at his own romantic success. The Rawson brothers (Vincent Franklin, Shaun Dooley) step up their attempts to out-maneuver Lister in the coal business. Marian (Gemma Whelan) grows annoyed that her sister is treating Shibden like a hotel. The mouthy behavior of Lister's tenant, Sam Sowden (Anthony Flanagan), causes problems for his son Thomas (Tom Lewis).
Written by Sally Wainwright; directed by Sarah Harding.

Episode 4: "Most women are dull and stupid"
Debut date: MONDAY, MAY 13 (10:05-11:05 p.m.)
During a visit to York, Lister (Suranne Jones) is delighted when Doctor Belcombe (Michael Xavier) confirms that she is the perfect tonic for Ann Walker's (Sophie Rundle) nervous disorder. When news of a friend's death arrives, Ann's desperate reaction makes Lister suspect that she has secrets of her own. Meanwhile, as her rivalry with Christopher Rawson (Vincent Franklin) heats up, Lister steps up her plan to re-open her old coal mines. At Shibden, Eugénie's (Albane Courtois) misfortune has implications for John Booth (Thomas Howes), and Thomas Sowden (Tom Lewis) spins a risky WEB OF LIES after his father's disappearance.
Written by Sally Wainwright; directed by Sarah Harding.

Episode 5: "Let's have another look at your past perfect"
Debut date: MONDAY, MAY 20 (10:05-11:05 p.m.)
The widowed Reverend Ainsworth (Brendan Patricks) arrives in Halifax, and with encouragement from Mrs. Priestley (Amelia Bullmore), sets his sights on Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle). Aware that Ainsworth's attentions are stirring up memories for her lover, Lister (Suranne Jones) sets out to deal with the clergyman in her own inimitable manner. Meanwhile, Lister presses on with the transformation of her estate, but her ambitious plans threaten to lead her into trouble. At afternoon tea, Marian (Gemma Whelan) remains impressed by Mr. Abbott (John Hollingworth), though her aunt (Gemma Jones) and father (Timothy West) are less so. A discovery in the pigsty gives Mary Sowden (Lucy Black) reason to suspect Thomas (Tom Lewis) is lying about his father.
Written by Sally Wainwright; directed by Jennifer Perrott.

Episode 6: "Do ladies do that?"
Debut date: MONDAY, MAY 27 (10:05-11:05 p.m.)
With Ann Walker's (Sophie Rundle) mental state in a downward spiral, Lister (Suranne Jones) is forced to contemplate travelling to Europe alone, despite her family's warnings that doing so will raise eyebrows. Aunt Anne (Gemma Jones) and Captain Lister (Timothy West) endure another visit from the irritating Mr. Abbott (John Hollingworth), while Marian (Gemma Whelan) remains peeved that her sister is absent once again. Lister reopens her coal-mine negotiations with the powerful Rawson brothers (Vincent Franklin, Shaun Dooley). Thomas Sowden's (Tom Lewis) secret casts a cloud over his budding relationship with Suzannah Washington (Amy James-Kelly). Ann's Scottish relatives swoop in with their own ideas about what's best for her future.
Written by Sally Wainwright; directed by Jennifer Perrott.

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