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BWW Interview: Catherine Burkhart Directs FALL FROM THE GRACE OF GOD

FALL FROM THE GRACE OF GOD opens March 10th and runs until April 2nd, 2022.

BWW Interview: Catherine Burkhart Directs FALL FROM THE GRACE OF GOD

I recently pointed out to Catherine Burkhart that I admire how she has such appreciation for the little things around us. The sunset and the sunrise. The clouds, still or moving. A flower that is growing and spreading joy. The way a leaf falls off a tree in the autumn.

A simple cup of morning coffee. The steam that rises like a ribbon around our face as we sip it ... but don't ever ... never ... ever ... try to take her coffee. Yikes! Exit stage left. The End! Just the thought of it!

I scared myself. Hang on! Ok. I'm back.

Catherine Burkhart has been involved in WNY Theater for over twenty-four years. She holds a BFA in Theater from SUNY Fredonia. Acting, directing, and producing are her passions. Her passion sure shows on that stage. If she is acting or directing the work is there.

Catherine has recently taken on directing a new project.

What is theater to you?

It's a passion and an escape from daily 9-5 life and work. I forget all about my day, good or bad and enjoy the creativity! It allows me to decompress from the real world.

How did you get into theater?

When I was about 6 years old, I was cast as the lead in a Christmas show. I played a pink angel! That experience and amazing energy it had stuck with me. And the fact that my mom played Broadway tunes all the time. It fascinated me- the stage and the characters.

What makes a good Director?

Patience, organization, an open mind.

You have a BFA in theater. How has that helped you?

It gave me experience and tools that were invaluable. Such as dialects. I know 9 different dialects and it's been a huge advantage. It also allowed me to test myself as an actress while still having a safety net before diving into the "real world' of theater.

What are some of the difficulties of Directing a show that the audience may not be aware of?

Staging difficulties. Clashing personalities between actors. Sometimes that can be incredibly difficult. And I don't think an audience realizes all the time spent in rehearsing, even a short piece.

Please tell us about your most current show.

Love in a Time of Change and Oh Me Brother - both pieces are a part of American Repertory Theaters "Fall From the Grace of God"

Why did you choose these two pieces to Direct?

I love the nostalgia of Love in a Time of Change. It was written by Tim Joyce who brings the heart and soul of 1970's South Buffalo to us through his words. It's really just a great piece. And Oh Me Brother by John F. Kennedy is just a poignant moment of memory.

What's next for you?

I'm not sure. I'd like to get onstage again. I was in the middle of a show- "Bus Stop" when the pandemic hit. So, if the right role comes along, I'd love the chance to create another character and decompress by being someone else for a little while.


FALL FROM THE GRACE OF GOD features a talented ensemble including Alyssa Grace Adams, Michael Breen, Ian Michalski, Matthew Rittler, Trevor Dugan, Isabel Deschamps, Matthew Mogenson, Susan King, Kayla Victoria, Elliot Fox, Cameron Kogut, and Sarah Emmerling.

Directed by Catherine Burkhart, Steve Vaughan, Stefanie Warwick & Matthew LaChiusa. Music direction by Susan King . With choreography/movement by Suzanne Hibbard.

FALL FROM THE GRACE OF GOD opens March 10th and runs until April 2nd, 2022. ART/WNY has a pay-what-you-can ticket policy for the entire 2021-22 season.

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