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Sabrina Wallace

Sabrina Wallace

Sabrina Wallace is a Tony Award Nominated Producer, Blogger, World Traveler, and Leader at a Online Retail Giant. She is a strong supporter of Theatre and the Arts, focusing on original ideas and powerful stories that transform hearts and minds. Originally from Argentina, Sabrina resides in Austin, TX with her husband and her two theatrical teens. 


Review: The stage is alive with THE SOUND OF MUSIC at ZACH Theatre
July 9, 2022

Despite the minor tweaks and modern aspects of the production, this is still the same classic musical that is suitable and enjoyable for the entire family. If you want to make the experience more unique and try that old acting bug, you can purchase table seats and learn how to Waltz with Max, Liesl, and the rest of the von Trapp children.

Review: WHEN SHE HAD WINGS lifts the spirit at The Violet Crown City Church
June 16, 2022

If you are looking for a tender story that has real intellectual depth and a piece of theatre that will encourage great family discussions about the meaning of life, this is the play for you. Take your youngsters, take your elders, enjoy wholesome family theatre and learn a little bit about a female pioneer of aviation in the process.

BWW Review: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM at Zilker's Hillside Theatre
June 5, 2022

BWW Review: The company of Austin Shakespeare brought 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' to the stage with such impeccable acting that it easily transported audiences back to the days when the Bard himself would see his words come alive at the London Globe Theatre. The show is now closed.

BWW Review: A LEAGUE OF HER OWN by the Bottle Alley Theatre Company And Just Friends
June 5, 2022

'A League of Her Own' invites audiences into Sam's hiding place where they spend an hour living in the nightmare that has become her life. This is an original play that explores the effects of mental abuse and harassment. The show is no longer running, but I recommend following Bottle Alley Theatre Company and Just Friends for more unique original plays.

BWW Review: SEUSSICAL at Patti Strickel Harrison Theatre
April 24, 2022

A rendition of a classic that finally makes sense of Dr. Seuss' unique characters. Scarlata gives us a compelling story about real people with beautiful imperfections that make them so perfectly human. With a talented cast, outstanding choreography, and a lot of imagination, this is a SEUSSICAL you don't want to miss.

BWW Review: ARDEN OF FAVERSHAM Slays at The Hidden Room Theatre
March 2, 2020

Rooted in a comical but tragic murder mystery and aided by a colorful set of characters and an intelligent book, ARDEN OF FAVERSHAM is a hidden gem at The Hidden Room Theatre. A classic Elizabethan comedy of errors where dark desires drive people to make wrong decisions that turn into misadventures with a tragic ending for everyone. 

BWW Review: GLIDERS Soars at Trinity Street Playhouse
February 24, 2020

BWW Review: GLIDERS Soars at Trinity Street Playhouse with a story that illustrates the unimaginable pain, courage, and strength required by generations of women to overcome misogyny and abuse. Beautifully performed by an outstanding 'mostly' female cast that fits together as a true family.

BWW Review: EVERY BRILLIANT THING at ZACH's Whisenhunt Stage
February 21, 2020

Directed by the brilliant Nat Miller and delivered with aching sensibility by Kriston Woodreaux, EVERY BRILLIANT THING is nothing but extraordinary. This heart-gripping play sparks a conversation about life, mental illness, suicide, and human connections and it gives us all a million reasons to appreciate the gift of life.

BWW Review: TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS at Austin Playhouse
February 13, 2020

In TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS, a woman sits on a couch typing away advice to strangers she will never meet in person. The three strangers that invite themselves into her living room represent an array of characters that write anonymous letters to Dear Sugar. The play masterfully connects them all through an insightful reflection of the meaning of love, life, and happiness, rooted in personal experiences, empathy, and compassion for one another.

February 1, 2020

Under the direction of Shannon Fox, THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR SHOW is a perfect way to introduce the little ones to live theatre. Colorful puppets and delightful puppeteers team up to bring to life four of Eric Carle's most beloved stories.

December 18, 2019

THE SANTALAND DIARIES is a pure comedic indulgence. Irreverent, contemptuous, hilarious! J. Robert Moore delivers Davis Sedaris' work with impeccable artistry. A must-see this Holiday season!

BWW Review: MACBETH Bewitches Audiences at The Curtain Theatre
October 13, 2019

Be witness to the beauty of Shakespeare's works delivered with true theatrical mastery in the heart of Austin, TX by the company of The Baron's Men

BWW Review: 12 OPHELIAS (A Play With Broken Songs) at UT's Oscar G. Brockett Theatre
October 12, 2019

With punk-rock undertones and theatrical mastery, 12 OPHELIAS (A Play With Broken Songs) empowers female characters, subdues bad boys, and engulfs us all in a new version of a story that we always loved to hate.

BWW Review: JUNGALBOOK Enchants The Kleberg Stage At ZACH
October 1, 2019

Puppetry, music, and masterful storytelling make JUNGALBOOK an entertaining yet meaningful play for all ages. Whether you have a little one in the family or you are a little one at heart, you should run to see JUNGALBOOK. This is a story that everyone can enjoy.

BWW Review: JUMP Breaks Your Heart at The Santa Cruz Theater
September 16, 2019

With a flickering of lights, JUMP takes us on a journey of laughter, pain, kindness, and the connections and experiences that make us human. Simple but honest, JUMP is a story that will make you want to run and hug everyone you love.